TERROR IS HIM..(spoken word)


These tears have been dripping down my eyes for way too long
when will there be a chance to write a new poem
About joy and peace in the land
for the pain and agony is so sad
when will Bashar Al asad free the Syrian people?
when will tranquil and love rain in the city of Allepo?
when will Russia’s Putin
quit putting missiles and deadly drones on another man’s land?
when will matricide and infanticide stop in Palestine, Syria and other countries that the West and the so called world powers hold on target
for their selfish political budget while
hiding behind the guise and lies of fighting terrorism


But we all know who the real terrorist is;
Terror is him who kills millions of civilians especially children and women while dining with the real enemy
terror is him who failed to lead his people appropriately and would rather seek for help from the enemy to slit the throat of the innocent.
Terror is him who kills his fellow man for no justifiable reason
Terror is him who hungers for power and serves materialism than humanity
Terror is him who calls another a terrorist because of his religion
Terror is him who wages war for no just cause instead of settling for peace and unity,
Love and humanity because that’s what the world needs


Not the fallacies the mass media and social networks
Keep feeding into our minds and ears.
Do your research and know the truth
That lies behind the illusion and confusion you see on TV.
And stop wallowing and sinking, basking and drinking in the sea of arrogance and especially ignorance
Because it is a very terrible disease.
Wake up to the truth before reality slaps you on the face…
And when you see people committing illicit crimes in the name of Islam,
Don’t blame Islam but blame the culprit
Who failed to understand the true teachings of Islam which is love, care, honesty and most especially salaam(PEACE).

For this religion is perfect but we on the other hand are humans and incomplete
And we make mistakes and take drastic decisions before we even think.
Study the religion carefully and see for yourselves
Know the true meaning of Islam from her right source
which are the glorious Quran and Hadith,
And see the reason why She is so perfect and flawless
And would never settle for less.
Regardless of the false things they say or do to tarnish her image
She still remain FLAWLESS and STAINLESS
She is an epitome of true beauty and inner tranquility
That Allaah (God) has bestowed to the entirety of humanity.


And these tears fall from my eyes for way too long
when can we write a new poem
About peace and tranquility
For we want peace in Syria, Palestine ,Burma, Pakistan, Iraq, and all across the world.

quit shedding the blood of your brothers and sisters
for every life truly matters…

Credit: Abdullahi Halimah (HAL-B)

Nafysah @ .Knowislam.com.ng.



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