This article is a response to a statement attributed to Australian Prime Minister, Julia Gillard.

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Any sincere seeker of truth should know that it cannot be proven that the Prime Minister said this. Those that are well acquainted with the church cannot be surprised. Many books and articles had been written  against Islam anonymously or written with a pseudonym.


Contrary to the acclaimed loving nature of the Christians, their messages against Islam are full of hatred, inciting war and spreading Propaganda. The author of the article attributed to the Australian PM is a Bigot and War-Monger.


He/she wrote,

“Muslims, who are demanding Sharia law have been asked to leave Australia by Wednesday because Australia sees fanatic Muslims as terrorists. Each and every mosque will be searched and Muslims will cooperate with us in this process”


This statement exposes the ignorance of this author and also his Islamophobic nature. Which Imam is scared of a Mosque being searched? People like him should be given the task to search Mosques perchance they might read find a Qur’an in the process and gain freedom from the bondage of Islamophbia.


He/she wrote again,


All the Muslims who have migrated from other countries to Australia will have to adapt and change themselves as per our country and not expect us to change as per them. …. but I assure the people of Australia that whatever is being done is for the betterment of Australia and its people. We speak English here and not Arabic or Urdu or any other Islamic language. “


If your religion, tribe, race or country teaches involuntary acceptance of its way of life, try Islam that teaches no compulsion in religion. No Muslim would attempt to forcibly change a person’s faith, religion or doctrine. Mr/Mrs author, what life do you want these Muslims to adapt to? Dress half naked, consumption of alcohol, engaging in charging and taking of interests? Sorry, No. It is irrational to think anyone would force another to speak a particular language!


He/she wrote again,


” In Australia we believe in Jesus who is our God and we believe in God. Just because we believe in and follow Christianity and no other religion, does not make us Communal which is why you will find God’s Pictures and religious books everywhere. If you have any objection to this, you are free to leave Australia and go anywhere else in the world. Australia is our land, our country and this is our culture. We do not follow your religion but we respect your sentiments which is why if you want to read Koran and offer namaaz, please do not create noise pollution by using speakers and reading out loudly. “

Mr/mrs author, permit me to say you need to be tested medically. How can you claim to have God’s picture? You mean a man is so mighty to have seen God then take a picture of him! Can you authoritatively claim the image you hang around is God’s? Is God black, white or tan? What camera was used to snap God?!

Did you say you believe in Jesus your God?! How can Jesus be your God when the bible says in Deuteronomy 6:4, Mark 12:29, Isaiah 43:10-11?  Did Jesus your supposed God not cry to God in matthew 27:46 and Mark 15:34?! Did he not say that, “This is eternal life that they may know You, the ONLY TRUE GOD and Jesus christ whom you have sent in John 17:3?! Oh, Oh… A Jesus that was said to have been tempted by the devil he supposedly created in matthew 4:2-10? How and why then do you call Jesus God?


Muslims all over the world have no problem with people’s way of life. However, if you what you call a problem is not compromising, we will continue to have a problem with you. In Africa, the churches are known for their vigils, car parks, bus stop, bus evangelism.


Mr/Mrs author, God cannot reward you for what you have written for it is of satan. You are an enemy of peace, an agent of confusion and God is not an author of confusion, how then do you expect Him to reward it?


Bashir Lucas Samson Lukman




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