A summary of what is going on in Burma:


Burma is located near China and India. There is a Muslim nation called Rohingya in Burma. They have another name, the Myanmar. The country is ruled by a Buddhist army. Muslims there represent about 10 percent of the population. Muslims there are subject to extermination and displacement.
This story is not new. This crime began a long time ago.

In 1784, a Buddhist king called “Bodawpaya” feared the spread of Islam in the region. From then on he began to persecute the Muslims. Buddhists have committed the worst crimes against them, such as burning children, killing, torture, and other forms of persecution because their only sin is that they are Muslim, nothing more!!


When the Muslims of Burma tried to escape, no Muslim country was willing to accept them. The only option they had was to die at sea or from hunger, fear, and intimidation.

Why do I tell you this painful story? Because we will be held accountable and we will be asked about our Muslim brothers tortured in a land and we did not support them!!

If someone asks me what can I do for them?! How can I help them?

I will say: It is very simple. These brothers in humanity and religion… no one knows anything about them. The media does not speak about them and their suffering.


The simplest thing you can offer them is to let others know their story and to feel their suffering. Know that all the problems you have in your life – I swear by Allah – are nothing compared to the calamitiy of the people of Burma.

They have been abandoned by the Islamic world and the human world. They resemble the people of Al-Ukhdood (Surat Al-Burooj)

Spread their cause and make the world know it and know what is happening to them. This is a stain on the forehead of all of humanity and on the Islamic world in particular. Pray for them a lot in your prayers, in private, and at all times: that Allah removes his calamity from them and brings His anger upon the tyrant killers, and doing this is the weakest level of faith!

The Messenger of Allaah (may the peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) said: “The believers in their love, mercy and sympathy, towards one another are like one body, if one limb complains, the rest of the body joins it, staying up at night with a fever.”

O oppressed people of Burma, O oppressed Muslims around the world, Allah is sufficient for us and for you, and He is the best trustee.

Oh Allah, we entrust you with our brothers everywhere.



The Video below is the story of Tasnim, a 13 year old girl who watched her father die right before her eyes whilst being raped by 15 different men.


We at knowislam.com.ng humbly request you all to donate as much as you can and share her story. Please do not forget them in your prayers, you never know which of our Duas Allah may accept.

Kindly donate via Gofundme.com/RohingyaProject


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