Who could be sillier and stupider than a lady whose body is cheaply accessible to her so-called fiance? What sense does it make that a would-be wife has nothing new of her body on the first night of her wedding? Numberlessly she had been romanced and sexualized. What more has she to show for being a new wife?

This is why some ladies, as young as they are, have lost count the number of men and times they have been shagged. This, no doubt, is typical of the life of dogs. Some animals are even better, because they live a seemingly decent life.

If people with no Islām or Islāmic understanding are doing this, we will say they’ve got nothing to make them sensible or pious. What about those who lay claim to Islām, or even Sunnah, and whose physique, dressing and disposition depicts nothing but spirituality and responsibility? To people, they are righteous but to Allāh, they are not. To people, they are fine but to Allāh, they are filthy.

If you aren’t ready for marriage, you have no business with any man. If you are ready for marriage and you have a man in your life, take necessary precautions before the knot is finally tied.

Why visit his house? Why have the key(s) to his house in your possession? You as what? Why go to his house even without him present? Why sleep there even in his absence? Have you no 🏠 wherein your head can be laid? Or you are a parent-less vagabond? Why allow him in your own personal house too? Is that your parents’ place he is to visit to make his intention known or pay your bride price and have your hand in marriage? Why afford him a spare key to your house? He as what? Father, mother, husband, brother, sister or what?

You have a handshake with your fiance. You allow him hug, peck, kiss and cuddle you, yet you say you are determined to marry a virgin, or that he will have no carnal knowledge of you until marriage, you apparently have pains in your head, aunty. What do you take the loose man for? A stone or an iron? You both must be pathologically foolish!

You go on dates to eateries, beaches, hotels etc., yet you aren’t married. You do all these under the hijāb and the gullible minds who see you get misled that, that’s the ideal of Islām – since they are coming from an hijābī. You wear swimming trunks at the beach with a skimpy hijāb on it – to show that you are righteous but filthy.

I know you are touched as you read this. What is good for you is to heed correction and turn a new leaf. Kindly wear your thinking cap and decide fast. A man who genuinely wants you will not seek to have you in bed until your hand had been properly sought in marriage.

Repent now! Be sober; seek forgiveness and refrain from the act.


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