I was surprised and curious when I read the heading of your article, “Why Muslims are better than Christians”. I was quick to read the article without missing a word. The points you raised in favour of Islam are appreciated and using the opportunity to call you to Islam too.

However, it is also very important to say that of the points you raised, there are some misconceptions therein and except these points are addressed, it might lead to further misunderstanding and misrepresentation of Islam. Before going to the notable errors in your article, let me buttress your valid arguments.

Sir, as regards the name of Muhammad (pbuh) being answered by people more than Emmanuel, I think the same thing applies to the name Jesus. How many percentage of Christians answer Jesus? As for the name Jesus, perhaps, the name is considered being sacred hence very few Christians answer the name but we start to imagine how sacred is the name Jesus when the first person it was attributed to never answered such name. Dear Zuga, I hope this will lead you to start questioning why no one in the Bible referred to Jesus as Emmanuel neither did he call himself Emmanuel in the four gospels contrary to the popular interpretation of Isaiah 7:14.

Sir, you also wrote, “Mohammed was born in 571 AD, Jesus Christ is 571 years older than Mohammed, how come Muslims are competing with Christians in population”. Let me say, Sir, that were you a Muslim, this is not going to be a mystery. The trio of Moses, Jesus and Muhammad (pbut) are three men on one mission which is calling to the oneness of God. These three verses might interest you,

Moses : “Hear, O Israel: The LORD our God, the LORD is one.” (Deuteronomy 6:4)

Jesus : “The most important one,” answered Jesus, “is this: ‘Hear , O Israel: The Lord our God, the Lord is one.” (Mark 12:29)

Muhammad : Say, “He is Allah, the One” (Qur’an 112:1)

The growth of Islam is not a matter of competition between Muslims and Christians, it is the promise of Allah in Qur’an chapter 110 (Surat an-Nasr) and also not a competition between Jesus and Muhammad (pbuh) but rather a completion of the works both were sent to for.

Dear Bishop, you also wrote, “Quran have one version, you can only translate to another language , Bible has more than ten versions in English”. I thank God that you have come out to tell them. Let me also add that the Bible does not only have different versions, but also variations that are pregnant with errors, contradictions, anachronisms, discrepancies and fallacies. This is why someone like me stopped referring to Bible as The Bible but Bibles for we cannot point to the original bible itself. Now, if these different versions are being attributed to God, should you not start to question and reject this book same way I did and many other former Christians and start to study Islam? Below are some Bible versions and the books in them;

1. We have 61 Books in the Syrianic Version.
2. We have 66 Books in the Protestant Version.
3. We have 73 Books in the Roman Catholic
4. We have 75 Books in the Coptic Version.
5. We have 76 Books in the Christmatic Version.
6. We have 78 Books in the Greek Orthodox
7. We have 81 Books in the Ethiopic Version.
8. We have 86 Books in the Orthodox Version.

As regards worship, you wrote, “Muslims pray 5 times in a day, some Christians pray once a week only in church, some don’t even pray at all. Muslims can pray in any mosque they see, Christians can’t even step in some churches.” Sir, I am sure that these 5 prayers are the five daily Salah we Muslims perform daily, Fajr, Dhur, ‘Asr, Maghrib and’ Ishaa’a. I do not think Christians are responsible for not having an organized form of worship but the Bible or authors of the Bible that did not include how to worship God. This has led Christianity not to set a difference between Praise and Worship but to sing, dance, twerk etc though Mathew 4:8-10,Matthew 26:39 and Nehemiah 8:4-6 give us a clue that bowing down is the correct way to worship God. How can Christians worship in any church when they don’t have one Bible and this is the bane of their confusion,

(5:14) We also took a covenant from those who said: ‘We are Christians’; but they forgot a good portion of the teaching they had been imparted with. Wherefore We aroused enmity and spite between them till the Day of Resurrection, and ultimately Allah will tell them what they had contrived.

That said, permit me to address some points you read to prevent misunderstanding of Islam. You wrote, Real Muslims read and know Bible more than many Christians but many Christian don’t even have
Bible.” Sir, it is not reading the Bible that makes one a Real Muslim but total submission to the will of Allah and a compulsory reading of Bibles is not a part of it. This has to be clarified before some Muslims begin to think their Islam is not complete without reading the Bible.

You again wrote, Sir, “When a miracle is done in the name of Jesus, Muslims believe is God, some Christians will say is by the power of devil.”. On behalf of Muslims who understand Islam, I will say this is strange to Islam and it has no root in the fundamental tenets of Islam. No true Muslim believes miracles are done in the name of Jesus. All power belongs to Allah! Most of what we see nowadays are lies magic, trick and deceit. If any miracle would happen, definitely not in the name of Jesus.

Sir, you wrote, “… many Muslims do attend my church programmes all over the world, some even come to our church headquarters in Gboko, Christians can’t do that to a Muslim.”. This argument might sound good but it will do nothing but lead to further misunderstanding of true Islam. Being a Muslim and going to Church is not an act of tolerance and compromise. Sir, why would any Muslim leave One Qur’an, uniformed congregational worship in Mosques, Halqoh then go to the Church that does not agree with herself or the Bibles that The Revised Standard Version of the Bible did not spare The King James Version or the New World Translation that unceremoniously expunged over 20 verses from their Bibles. That said, a Muslim going to Church is not an act of tolerance or being a good Muslim but of ignorance per excellence.

Lastly, you wrote, “There is no Muslim that does not believe in Jesus Christ. I do pray for Muslims in Jesus name without any fight.” Yes! In Islam, it is important to believe in Jesus Christ as a slave/servant of Allah. I also think these Muslims you see need to be sensitized. No Muslim who understands pristine Islam will bow his head then say Amen to a prayer said in Jesus’ name.

I have written this because I read that you are planning to publish a book, “Why Muslims are better than Christians”. Kindly take this points into cognizance so that your book will not serve as a misrepresentation of Islam and if that happens, we will critically review your book. I also hope you start to look into Islam and I pray Allah guides you, Ameen.

Bashir Lucas Samson Lukman


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