Daily Trust, a Nigerian Newspaper has issued an apology over a featured image in one of its reports on Friday.

The report which read, “Gunmen Kill Two in Kaduna Community” had a picture of two gun-carrying men in Hijab as its featured image. Outrage and protests from Muslims followed the publication.

Earlier, we published an article demanding for the removal of the picture in the report. Read here: Daily Trust urged to remove Islamophobic Featured Image

Daily Trust issued a statement on Saturday on its Facebook and Twitter handles apologizing for what it called a mistake. They wrote;

“Gunmen Kill 2 In Kaduna Community
We sincerely apologise for the earlier use of an inappropriate picture with the story. It was a mistake and never intended to offend any individual or group, and has since been removed.
On behalf of all Muslims, we appreciate this apology from Daily Trust and the removal of the image. It is a good note that the Newspaper is anti-sensationalism and not Islamophobic. We hope they continue to maintain their standards.
For the record, those who protested against the image are not fanatics but enlightened Muslims who know to what extent such an image could go in misrepresenting Islam. On Facebook, Islamophobes have been quick to blame Islam for the killing, an irresponsible opinion which was consequent upon the picture.
We also like to reiterate the fact that Muslims are not terrorists and terrorism is alien to Islam. Also, we, as an organization (with other Islamic groups) will not relent in seeing to the proper representation of Islam in the media.
Lastly, those who read our report on the story and said to have lost trust in Daily Trust should kindly ‘Calm Down’. Kudos to Daily Trust!
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