Christians boast of peace to their neighbors but we have seen documents, audios and videos from Pastors, Bishops, Evangelists, and Christian apologists that carry messages of hate against Muslims.

If Pastor Oyedepo is not calling for the blood of people who look Muslim in appearance to be spilled, Pastor Bosun Emmanuel is busy broadcasting an audio message inciting the Christians against Muslims.

While these hate massages are in the record, Muslims do not blame the Christian majority for these because Muslims understand that there are religious as well as political extremists who may not necessarily represent the majority.

Sheikh Muhammad Awwal uploaded a video which was followed by a hate message being broadcast by Christians on WhatsApp. Watch the video;



This is the message Christians are sharing across WhatsApp groups;

“Pls as you watch this video let holy anger rise in you to fight this dawa cause, this man promise to come to Nigeria soon let us decree that IT SHALL NOT BE POSSIBLE FOR HIM TO COME if he has arrived in Nigeria the arrow of most high God will hit him he will not be able to do anything in Nigeria and in other African country that he plan to go, PLS MOTHERS LET US USE OUR GOD GIVEN POWER IN PRAYER TO STOP THIS man, God want us to do something that is why the video get to us pls share it in other platifom God must give us African in Jesus name.”

Hate speech from Christians against Sheikh Muhammad Awwal





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