He is an orphan who grew up becoming wayward by voodoo. The spell got him sunk in antisocial mess, the king of which was gambling. His hand would not have a touch on a legal tender without having it squandered on bets. He would steal valuables, place them on sale at a ridiculously low price and splurge the proceeds on wagers. All these he was doing involuntarily, but unknown to his handlers.

The relations stood tall to the challenge. They gave their all to make the motherless boy whither the storm, but he would rather sadden them with his antisocial behaviour. Despite the numberless atrocities committed by him, their humanness never ceased. He was seen through primary and secondary education but dropped out at tertiary.

The family could not but resort to having him rehabilitated in a juvenile home – a prison. They did so by consensus believing that therein lied panacea to his problem. That was after all customary measures had been exhausted. They were apparently fed up. It was understandable.

The last measure was supposed to be a good step in the right direction. But the deed rather worsened the damage, as the boy enjoyed to fullest his stay with inmates who were on the same sociopathic path. In fact, they did so on the indulgence of the wardens who were supposed to be agents of rejuvenation. The allies of the Lucifer rather aided and abetted those hapless lads. All they were required was drop a token to get a shield from the authority. Salt was added to injury as the boy together with his cohorts became hardened gamblers, alcoholics et cetera.

He found his way out in the long run – not as a fugitive though. He had a feel that he was on the wrong path but couldn’t overcome his problem. He was under spiritual push. The family could not but reject him. They never wished to. They wished he could change and their last penny would be spent on him to attain success in life.


With Allah he sought solace through us. He visited the mosque one night giving the narratives of his travails. We didn’t know him from Adam. But gripped by his pitiable tales, and with no hesitation, a visit was made to his relations who attested to all said and some addendum given.

Apparently, the boy needed rescue from the grip and grab of shaytan. The goodness in him had been turned down, and he had consequently become a bad boy. The intervention of a good, reliable Raaqy (exorcist) was sought by us. Days round the clock, the possessed boy was under an aggressive Ruqya deliverance accompanied with prophetic medications. In the end – one fateful day -the boy under the positive influence of the exorcism vomited a nail – I mean an iron. “What!” exclaimed his Christian-relation present at the scene. She was amazed, but that didn’t splash the light of Islam in her eyes. Allah guides whoever He wills.

Since then, the boy had become a resident in the mosque. We launched on him some rehabilitation process. He, to date, is undergoing frequent, relentless counselling. His untiring tidying of the mosque, inside-out, made us see the industrious part of him. He is even eclectic. He can do virtually every thing. He is now the mosque engineer. He fixes damaged electronics, cuts weeds around the house of Allah.

He joined the mosque’s madrasah where he learns the Quran and other Islamiyyaat. He is being drilled on Sunnah and he is so passionate about it. He is learning the religion so fast. Today, he is a mu’adhdhin in the mosque. In short, he is such an indescribable personality.

We felt he shouldn’t be idle. So we inquired his vocational interest. Today, he is with one of us who is into solar energy – installation of inverters. What a lucky boy!

For the just-concluded Eidul Adha, he visited home to celebrate with his relations. To his dismay, some grumbled about his trousers not going down his ankles. “You are now a tableegh abi!” the usual anthem sung by the ungrateful ignoramuses. Won fi ete sile won n pa lapalapa. Shouldn’t they be grateful to Allah that their son had been rescued from the shackles and chains of shaytan? That he had been successfully delivered from the dreadful den of demons.

It perturbs sometimes how people use their heads. A boy who could have ended up a black sheep is towing a path of righteousness, yet some celebrated ignorants are insensitively aggrieved.


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