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Know Islam, Know Paradise

The Bible: God’s words or men’s?

THE BIBLE: GOD’S WORDS OR MEN’S? I do not accept the Bible as God’s word because it contains thousands of numerical errors, variations, interpolations, inconsistencies, anachronisms, historical fallacies, mathematical errors, concoction, fabrications, geographical errors, scientific errors and contradictions that can never be solved. The above words I used to qualify the Biblical problems might sound…
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ACADIP holds Five different Lectures

  ? I N V I T A T I O N _…as ACADIP storms Lagos, Ibadan, Modakeke, Akure & Ogbomoso !!!_   ACADEMY OF ISLAMIC PROPAGATION, NIGERIA invites the General Public to its FIVE (5) different OPEN-AIR LECTURES, _which will, in-shaa-ALLAH, hold as scheduled below:_ SPEAKER:? Mallam YUSUF ADEPOJU _(Chief Lecturer, ACADIP NIGERIA)_  …
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Conversation with a Pastor (From Word Crusaders Evangelical Ministry)

Conversation with a Pastor (From Word Crusaders Evangelical Ministry)   Am on my way to ACADIP meeting some days ago when I met a Pastor and his fellow Evangelist preaching to a Muslim brother so I stopped to interfere and ask some few questions regarding the Christian faith. According to what Jesus said in John…
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THE TRUE RELIGION OF GOD A man is born in a society which is not of his own choosing. The belief of his family or the ideology of the state is thrust upon him from the very beginning of his existence in this world. By the time he reaches his teens, he is usually fully…
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Nabeel Qureshi is gone

And Nabeel Qureshi is gone “too”… Between Reality and Selective Evangelism.   Being human, I was shocked to read about the demise of Nabeel Qureshi. My mind raced back to the debates I had in memory of people like Akbar Sidi and Khalid Stainless Critic. Sheikh Ahmed Deedat also came to mind and the countless…
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YAHWEH, THE DECEIVER. 20. The LORD asked, ‘Who will deceive Ahab so that he will go and be killed at Ramoth?’ Some of the angels said one thing, and others said something else, 21. until a spirit stepped forward, approached the LORD, and said, ‘I will deceive him.’ 22. ‘How?’ the LORD asked. The spirit replied, ‘I…
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MARY, A SISTER OF AARON? The verse in question is; يَٰٓأُخْتَ هَٰرُونَ مَا كَانَ أَبُوكِ ٱمْرَأَ سَوْءٍۢ وَمَا كَانَتْ أُمُّكِ بَغِيًّۭا O sister of Aaron, your father was not a man of evil, nor was your mother unchaste.” Qur’an 19:28 It does not mean that here Qur’an calls Mary, the real sister of Aaron, the…
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A Former Catholic Missionary Finds the Truth in Islam

A Former Catholic Missionary Finds the Truth in Islam   The nuns looked so clean and smart in their starched white habits.  They looked like the saints in the pictures that hung on the wall of every classroom that I dreamed of the day I could be like them. I was among two other girls…
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Who owns the Old Testament – Judaism or Christianity? (Cont’d)

Click here for previous session       Surprisingly, the two passages differ. The Old Testament makes no mention of ‘recovering of sight to the blind’ whereas Luke does, and he substitutes ‘heal the broken-hearted’ and ‘them that are bruised’ for the Old Testament’s ‘to bind up the broken-hearted’ and ‘them that are bound.’ There…
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Who owns the Old Testament – Judaism or Christianity?

This is a very natural question to ask, especially since the Old and New Testaments are nearly always found, in Christian practice at least, bound together as one book. Yet it is difficult to assess to what extent Christianity is sensitive to the fact that what the Church has called the Old Testament is also…
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