When we refuse to partake in pagan festivals, we get labelled, called names and they see us as repugnant. I think that these festivals would one day become a thing of the past if people begin to reason for themselves not acting like programmed robots.


What crime have I committed for telling a Christian that Jesus Christ did not celebrate the New Year festival and I will not!!! Is it a sin to ask for evidences in the Bible to back up the celebration?




1st month Of the Year, NISSAN. (esther 3v7)

2nd Month Of the Year, ZIV or ZIF. (1kinks 6v1 and 6v37).

3rd Month Of the Year, SIVAN. (esther 8v9).

4th Month Of the Year, ABIB (exodus 13v3-4).

5th Month Of The Year 5th month was not mentioned in d bible, but. the Hebrew call it ABU.

6th Month of the Year, ELUL (nehemiah 6v15).

7th Month Of the Year, ETHANIM (1kinks 8v2).

8th Month Of the Year, BUL or BUWL (1kinks 6v38).

9th Month Of the Year, KISLEV (nehemiah 1v1).

10th Month Of the Year, TEVET or TEVETH (esther 2v6).

11th Month Of the Year, SHEBAT. (zechariah 1v7).

12th Month Of the Year ADDAR or ADARU (esther 3v7 and 3v13, and 8v12).

It is saddening that Christians favoured Pope Gregory over God’s wish.


January- from the god, Janus

February – Romans festival of forgiveness of sins.

Mars – Roman god of War

April – Roman month Aprilis, perhaps derived from
aperire, (Latin to open, as in opening buds and
blossoms) or perhaps from Aphrodite, original Greek name of Venus.

May – Maia, Roman goddess, mother of Mercury by
Jupiter and daughter of Atlas

June – Juno, chief Roman goddess

July – Renamed for Julius Caesar in 44 BC, who was born
this month; Quintilis, Latin for fifth month, was the
former name (the Roman year began in March rather
than January)

August – Formerly Sextilis (sixth month in the Roman calendar); re-named in 8 BC for Augustus Caesar

September – September, (septem, Latin for 7) the seventh month in the Julian or Roman calendar, established in the reign of Julius Caesar

October – Eighth month (octo, Latin for 8) in the Julian (Roman) calendar. The Gregorian calendar instituted by
Pope Gregory XIII established January as the first month of the year.

November – Ninth Roman month (novem, Latin for 9).Catholic countries adopted the Gregorian calendar in 1582, skipping 10 days that October, correcting for too
many leap years

December : Julian (Roman) year’s tenth month (decem,Latin for 10).

Christianity as a religion suffered and still suffering from the influence of Roman paganism and Western Immorality and immodesty.

Roman paganism taking away the true teachings of biblical prophets including Jesus replacing it with bloody sacrifice, God on cross, crucified avatar while Western immodesty and immorality giving Christians liberty to dress and mix how they want in contrast to the command of the Bible.

When people are drunk with the opium of falsehood mixed with elixir of lies served in a golden cup, the roughly dressed bitter nutritious truth becomes preposterous and the speaker of the truth, a Lunatic.


Of their arguments is that we should not bring religion into everything since they know it has no scriptural backing. If we are guilty of bringing religion into issues that are not religious, are they not super guilty for the special prayers, Tahajjud, praise and worship, Thanksgiving they organize? Why blame us for bringing religion into everything when in reality, they did not bring religion into it, they brought it into religion?


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