This is to call the attention of the Muslim ‘Ummah to beware of one Omar who has made it a job to defraud the Muslims.

The KnowIslam Project has been contacted five times on his supposed challenge at different times while three people we know have fallen victim before we could save them from him.

Someone had contacted us last year about a revert, Omar, who needed to go back to Abuja. In his usual narrative, he embraced Islam and got into an argument with his father, then left home for Lagos. In Lagos, he stays with a female friend of his, who uses him as a sex machine. Because he is tired of such life, he wants to go back to Abuja and needs money for transportation. He says his mum is outside Nigeria.

We sent him the sum of #12, 000 then amidst doubts. Weeks after, someone contacted us about a revert with the same story, name and phone number and another and another…

Yesterday, we received a message from a brother who wants us to assist a revert who has family issues, left home, went to Lagos and now need to go back home. We obtained a record of their phone conversation to discover that it is our Omar. We requested for the phone number to further confirm as well.

We called to confirm if he is Omar, that needs help to go back to Abuja, his mum stays outside Nigeria and that his female friend uses him as a sex machine. He confirmed all.

This is his phone number, +2347088084992. Beware of him to avoid being scammed.


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