Mr. X: You this Mallam and your beards ehn!

Me: You love it, don’t you?

Mr. X: I mean, why can’t you just shave it and look clean?

Me: Oh! I don’t know what you mean by clean though but I am good this way and clean in every sense of clean.

Mr. X: I mean clean as in not some hair getting in your mouth and carrying a jungle around.

Me: Haha, no. This is some high-level stuff way above you. I identify as a Marxist. You can check out Karl Marx and start from him.

Mr. X: But I know you Ahlul Sunnah people wear beards because of your Prophet

Me: Nice! So, you have been taking some Islamic lessons. You are right but there is even something more interesting.

Mr. X: What is that?

Me: Didn’t you see my Sandals?

Mr. X: Oh! Sorry but so…?

Me: And my Kandora…

Mr. X: Erhm, but okay…?

Me: You seem to have a problem with my beard but look at me completely, who do I look like?

Mr. X: I am not sure what your point is but I will say like Muhammad?

Me: No, don’t appeal to my sentiments. Try harder.

Mr. X: An Imam or something?

Me: Nooo. If you have not been brainwashed into believing that Jesus was White, you’d have seen I look like Jesus with my Black skin, sandals, robe, and beard.

Mr. X: How?

Me: Did your Jesus not wear a beard according to what has been told to you by White Missionaries? In the pictures of Biblical Prophets you have drawn, does anyone of them look like me or like you?

Mr. X: You seem to always have something to say to defend yourself

Me: Maybe or maybe not. Perhaps, if you took more time to think critically instead of being led by bigotry, we would not be having this type of discussion. And for the record, I keep the beard as a Muslim following the Sunnah of Prophet Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him) and not because I am a Marxist.

Bashir Lucas Samson Lukman



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