It is said that if a man isn’t an alcoholic, he would be a smoker or a womanizer. I have tiringly researched to know from whom this mythical theory emanated, all efforts were to no avail. Can any of the proponents and carriers of this fallacious assertion avail us the long-hidden identity of their teacher?

A man who habitually derives joy in rocking another person’s daughter or another man’s wife in 🛏️ is filthy, irrespective of whatever he believes of any theory – factual or fallacious. Such a Satan is called a flirt, philanderer, Casanova, Lothario, playboy, rake, lecher etc. No good name befits him; for he’s a practical representation of what is bad.

Adultery is a function of sexual greed. What is there in the promiscuous woman that is not there in the virtuous one at home? In most cases – and I stand challenged – the latter is usually prettier and more presentable than the former. Give an adulterous man the whole wide world, he would seek another world. That’s because he’s greedy.

A flirt is usually a liar – a pathological one for that matter. Today, he is in Abuja, tomorrow, he is abroad – whereas he might be in a hotel with his bedmate in his domiciled state. The one who has little or no respect for his wife does his regardless of whose ox is gored. He cares not about the emotion of his wife. The helpless but not hopeless woman cannot even talk. But if she were the flirt, heaven might have been let loose on her. That’s one injustice the society mets on the woman: if the man is promiscuous, she is pacified, but if she dares act the same devilish script, the man is admonished to send her packing. Whoever still has this in his head has an incurable diarrhea in his brain.

An adulterous man is shaytān in the garb of a human. The brain with which he ordinarily thinks straight is apparently in the den of the Lucifer. That’s why he isn’t seeing how abundantly beautiful, radiant, elegant, exquisite and blessed his wife is. There’s a knot in that head of his that has tied down his thinking faculty.

I wish somebody read this and bad adultery an irretrievable farewell. I sincerely wish so.

Sanni Kay Yūsuf


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