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Tolerant or Tall ‘RANT’

Has anyone paid attention to the definition of ‘tolerance’ by Nigerian Christians?

If you don’t use Hijab, you are tolerant, if you don’t keep beard, you are tolerant, if you join them in Christmas then you are tolerant.

In a nut shell, stop practicing Islam and start practicing Christianity, then you are tolerant.

Start shaking hands with opposite gender indiscriminately, then you shall be celebrated as ‘tolerant’ start wearing short short scarf instead of full Hijab, then you are tolerant!

The more you abandon all Islamic Injunctions, the more you are tolerant.

Note, if Nigerian Christians start calling you tolerant, please start crying because they are celebrating your gradual exit from Islam.

In all honesty and sincerity I acknowledge the REAL tolerant Christians who see me as a Human being and respect my identity as a Muslim.

However, may all Christians who boil in rage whenever they see me in Hijab be consumed by that rage of theirs.

May all intolerant oppressors in the name of Christians who get instant headache whenever I refuse to shake the hands of opposite gender be consumed by the consequences of their novel intolerance.

Bunch of outstanding hypocrites. I don’t have headache when they are on their way to Church on Sunday, yet they burn in anger whenever they see me on my way to Masjid on Friday.
The federal government Christianize Nigeria by declaring two days in a week as PUBLIC HOLIDAY, because they have got to go to Church on Sunday and the Saturday Adventist have got to go to Church on Saturday, yet to spare me two hours to attend Mosque on Friday becomes major problems for these celebrated bigots.

Yet they talk about tolerance, if I don’t have problems with the obvious Christianization of Nigeria by declaring the days of worship of Christians as PUBLIC HOLIDAY, and they literarily get mad because I left the class to pray on Friday who is the tolerant?

Lecturers will come to class to preach Jesus, yet no Muslim lecturer will dare to. Why do I have to be tensed up Everytime because of the fear of molestation by people whose intolerance are turning them to mad people. Can you imagine a lecturer literarily shaking while asking my friend to remove her niqab.He was shaking while roaring like a mad man. I stood up to him and told him that he could ask the female security personnel to confirm her Identity, yet he will have none of that. A lecturer had once used almost ten minutes in class to VENT because a well dressed Muslim’s trouser is not been dragged on the floor. Yet one of the ‘Jazz’ boys in class whose trouser was also jumping is not been addressed. I have realized that it is our religion as Muslims that actually enrage them, not really our identity.

I will try to encourage these oppressors to keep it up and they should try to double up the victimization they are good at, the burden of your boiling heart is on you.

Imagine, shameless people that are not even ashamed of the victimization of Hijab sisters, they are not ashamed of their intolerance, I have never seen unrepentant HATE CRIMINALS like some Nigerian Christians. They are even bold enough to defend their gross intolerance.

Imagine arguments such as “But Buhari’s daughter removed her hijab during her call to bar ceremony” The same Buhari they have earlier called TERRORIST is now their sweetheart because he has given up part of Islam. Is Buhari now equivalent to Islam?

Finally, O ye Muslims that need acceptance from Christians before you will be able to live, just know that, “The more you leave Islam, the more they celebrate you”

Why do our sisters have to cry and have that far distant looks on their faces whenever we ask them about the day they are called to bar, why should they have to deal with the trauma of being violated. Hijab is just like shirt or blouse to us, IT IS PART OF CLOTHES! it is not a uniform, how violated will you feel if you are asked to remove your blouse or top for just a ‘ceremony’, won’t you feel violated? Yet these hypocrites makes the barbarism of removing the Hijab during call to bar ceremony ‘no big deal’ SHAME ON YOU BIGOTS, SHAME!

I was still in Junior Secondary school when I met an Hijabite who was violated during ‘the call to bar’ the distant look of trauma on her face while describing that day is stuck in my memory till date.

She was narrating her experience after so many years of the incidence yet she is still traumatized.

I see the way you dress also gross, I mean I can see your ENTIRE shape outside, it is just as if the purpose of the clothe you are wearing is to serve as a paint over your skin. The whole of your body is seen only that the colour is partially cancelled by a piece of painting you call clothe, I for once never agree with your choice of clothing yet I WILL NEVER RAISE MY EYEBROWS AT YOU NOT TO TALK OF MY VOICE.

We wear a clothe that you do not agree with, but unfortunately your tolerance is DEAD, it is either you are yanking our nikab off in a physical aggression that has consumed you, which equals terrorism, or you are busy shouting on us like a mad dog has just bitten you, yet you will be busy defending your excessive madness SHAMELESSLY.

What kind of things are you exactly? You terrorize us, yet you call us terrorist, you master of intolerance call us intolerant, Kai. Your case is complicated.

In conclusion, if you are a Muslim and Christians in Nigeria are calling you tolerant, run back to Islam because you can ONLY be tolerant when you leave Islam in their own dictionary.

Let me educate you bigots on tolerance, I know you will not use the knowledge but I will still teach you. When you do not agree with what a group of people are doing yet you are in peace with it, that is TOLERANCE. The moment you find yourself getting discomforted the moment I start fasting in Ramadan, then you are intorant. Indeed Nigerian Christians ‘RANT’ about tolerance but they are not tolerant in the least.

Has anyone noticed that the Christians have problems with EVERYTHING we do? If we pray they complain, if we fast they complain, if we eat they complain, if we dress they complain. I swear Na complaint go finish you. I WON’T CHANGE TO PLEASE YOU. Woe on any Muslim that leaves Islam to please you.
PS. Nobody should tell me I am too harsh, I think what I term as “diplomacy” is now cowardice, I am past the age where I will cry in a corner whenever derogatory words are thrown at me, nowadays I stand up for myself.

I will never opress anybody hence I will not allow anybody to opress me.


Hamidah Bint Abbas


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