Major General Sulaimani has been killed. That’s no news. A General’s soul is proud to be liquidated in a battle. My concern is our jaundiced perception of the whole issue. I have heard Muslims celebrate his brutal end in the hands of Trump. I have also seen Muslims empathize with Iran for losing a lion.

But I have not heard any Muslim express his worry about the consequence of this tension. Trump is not, in any way, interested in fighting Iran. His ultimate goal is to put the whole region in flame and set it ablaze. After all, it is the common blood of the believers that will flow.

Iran has already promised a severe revenge, which threat has put the entire US military bases across the Middle East on high alert. As we all know, The United States “has gotten” tens of thousands of military personnel at bases and aboard ships across the Middle East.

There are also ongoing arrangements with various Muslim countries in the region to move soldiers and military equipment through their airstrips and ports. In Iraq alone, there is an estimated 6,000 troops stationed across the country, including the Green Zone, Baghdad’s walled-off diplomatic area, and at al-Asad Air Base.

Thus, as at now, tensions are extremely high in Iraq, which is stuck in the middle of the U.S – Iranian faceoff. Didn’t you see that, by Friday, the American State Department had ordered all the US citizens to leave the country? Then, on Saturday, rockets had started flying in the Green Zone and the Balad airbase of Iraq.

Even if the US would not disclose the number of troops stationed in Syria, analysis shows that nothing less than 800 heavily armed men are yet in the country after the Trump administration had abruptly withdrawn some soldiers in October.

Thus, the U.S. garrison at Tanf, by the Syrian – Jordanian border, is now one potential flash point, because the Iranian and Iranian-backed forces are also deployed nearby. Also, in the oil rich Arab land of Kuwait, the United States has about 13,000 military personnel spread around several bases in the tiny land, according to the Congressional Research Service.

The United States and the Arab land of Kuwait have both retained a Defense Cooperation Agreement since the 1991 Persian Gulf War. But Jordan — bordering Iraq, Syria, Israel and the occupied Palestinian territories, as well as Saudi Arabia — is a more strategically located U.S. ally. Its Muwaffaq Salti Air Base was an important launching point in the battle against the Islamic State, and there are plans to upgrade the complex.

As we all know, Saudi Arabia is an important; and perhaps, the most reliable crucial ally of the vampire – There is as much as an estimated 3,000 American troops in that country. In October last year, the United States announced that it was sending an additional troop to the kingdom as tensions with Iran continued to escalate.

Bahrain also hosts a U.S. Navy base, where several thousand of personnel are stationed. This island nation is a close ally of Saudi Arabia and has always supported Trump’s aggressive stance towards Iran. Let’s not also forget that Bahrain had also suppressed a Shiite uprising in 2011, putting her further at odds with the Iranian government.

In Oman is about 600 heavily equipped troops. In March last year, Muscat signed a deal allowing the U.S. planes and warships to use some of her airstrips and ports. More important, Oman is along the Arabian Peninsula near the Strait of Hormuz, the world’s most important oil chokepoint. This is also where the United States and Iran have been engaged in oil tanker standoffs, for months.

The United Arab Emirates is another country near the Strait of Hormuz which has been part of the tanker confrontations. It has hosted as many as 5,000 American troops in recent years and this luxurious nation of Zayed is traditionally allied with Saudi Arabia and the United States.

But the rising tensions in the region have put the UAE on edge, and it has taken a somewhat more conciliatory approach to Iran in recent months. Here is a wise nation that knows how to play her international politics with diplomatic maturity, unlike the Kingdom of the son of Salman, that only enjoys to savour the pleasure of his diplomatic mediocrity, all the time.

Qatar is home to al-Udeid, the largest U.S. military base in the Middle East. In 2018, this tiny Bedouin Arab nation proudly announced a $1.8 billion plan to upgrade the base. The move came as Qatar was battling a blockade by her mischievous rivals – Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates.

Why are these American military bases scattered here, in the Muslim world?

It is simply for the protection of Israel. How will you then expect those Muslim nations to bravely take a collective decision in favour of Palestine. Also, why is America fighting Iran? It is equally for the same reason. The United States has no business abhorring Shiism.

Saddaam had paid the ultimate price, for daring to threaten the Jewish state. Syria is already paying for it. But Saudi Arabia and Egypt are diplomatic gentlemen of the region. They cooperate with the vampire and her Jewish baby; and thus, Al-Aqsa is sold to protect the thrones of their leaders, while the “notorious” lions – the Ikhwaanis – that roared for the honour of Islam and the pride of Quds are either in prisons or underneath the earth.

The cowardly forces of all of these American bases, and probably more, will certainly confront the obstinate Iran. As we all know, Trump is mentally sick, which does not allow him to always think right in matters of the Muslim affair. Iran also suffers a creedal ailment, a disease she had inherited from the historical event of Karbalah; that creedal ailment that had always spurred her citizens to go for self-annihilation in the hands of a brutal enemy who is willing to kill.

What is then the implications of this imminent bloodshed?

The United States will definitely fly her dangerous hawks in a conventional war and probably turn Iran to ashes. But if Iran chose to defend herself in a conventional war tactics, thousands of her sympathetic militiamen scattered in different countries of the region will only engage the Yankee troops in a guerilla warfare, which America war strategists may fail to withstand.

In each of these Mid-Eastern nations are thousands of Shites. If you knock my head and I can’t match your strength, I’ll definitely hit your friends and brothers amongst my mates. Saudi Arabia and Israel should therefore prepare for the worst. Of course, these two nations are also heavily equipped and they’ll not fold their arm and arms for the Shite Iran.

The embattled Assad of Syria, even with her own challenge of distress and stupidity, may also reciprocate the good gestures of Iran by standing for her. Hizbollah’s Nasrallah has already vowed a revenge. All the defence pacts between Iran and Russia may also come to bear on the volatile region.

The Muslim world is thus in flame…

This had occurred in previous decades, more than once in our recent history – all for the creation and protection of the Jewish state. Shortly before the world war 1, in the conspiratorial game plan for the creation of Israel, the Sheriff of Makkah, king Hussein Bn Alli, was stupefied by the British Lord Macmahon who had deceptively promised him the Hashemite kingdom of his dream.

He was then instigated against the Sultan of the Ottoman empire, who himself had foolishly gone the way of the Germans. At that turbulent era, Muslims had fought the war in the sandy land of Hijaz, on behalf of both Britain and Germany; and the common bloodshed in the region was that of the believers.

This was not any different from that of the Iraqi-Iran war of the early 80s, in which all the nations in the region were actively involved. Aside from the streams of blood that flowed into ocean and competed with the red Sea, the collective wealth of the Muslim Ummah was heavily squandered, as the US and USSR returned home smiling with the highly lucrative sales of their war equipment.

Today, in a similar way, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Turkey and Iran are spending hugely to finance the Muslim militia who slaughter the Syrian Muslims in the name of fighting Bashar, while the US and Russia are making so much money, selling their dangerous weapons to the stupid buyers to fight a foolish leader called Bashar who haughtily presides over a dead nation.

Why must you always provoke a bloodshed in the land of Islam? To weaken the Ummah…? To strengthen Israel…? To squander the Muslim wealth or distract the ever spirited Muslim youths from the path of honour? Here is a question begging for an urgent response!

Abu Mazeedatulkhayr Bn Sa’eed


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