Christian apologists, Bible Thumpers, and Islamophobes are quick to criticize Muslims citing that there is no mercy and forgiveness in Islam. This they do by laying emphasis on the acts of terrorists who do not represent a significant percentage of Muslims and at the same time, point at the Sharee’ah forgetting that the punishments are against criminals, not innocent individuals and also, there are situations where a culprit can be forgiven.

Mallam Eseoghene Al-Faruq Ohwojeheri lists 8 points that prove Islam is a religion of Mercy and Forgiveness.

1) Islam says from one juma’ah prayer to another your sins are forgiven

2) Islam says fasting on the day of Arafat removes your sin for the year before and the one after

3) Islam says a person may commit sin, forget it, and just because he did a good deed, which may be unrelated to that sin, that sin will be written off

4) Islam says even on the Day of Judgment Allah will still be forgiving sins as will be the case of people who will be screened from others and told their sins and Allah will say He forgives them anyway

5) Islam says an elder is not one of us if he is not merciful to the younger ones

6) Islam says one of the best deeds is to maintain kindness with an HOSTILE relative

7) Islam says if you did not sin Allah will replace you with a people who will sin and seek forgiveness. This being the most forgiving and warm and understanding statement you, me, and everyone has ever and will ever hear

8) Islam says that Allah loves to forgive and is happier when one of us repent than a man who was at the verge of starving, dehydrating, and freezing to death all at the same time in the desert, and then suddenly help comes. Allah is happier when we repent than this man is on seeing help.



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