Husband is the most accrediting cert offered to a woman in the Islamic doctrine.

Unfortunately, westernization has evaded this and makes the submissive order by Allah a trivial one *Subhannallah* , and this now make women believe they have equal rights astheir husbands. All Islam’s doctrine are found in the Qur’an, Ahadith (Traditions) and the
Sira (the life history of Prophet Mohammad PBUH), the Trilogy. And all of these backed
up a man to be the head in any family tree and women to be submissive to such. The
principle of submission means that one must rule over the other. No surprise, the women
must submit to the men. Islam is absolutely logical and coherent in heaven, hell and

Many might perceive this assertion to be illogical to women right but guess what?

This is
the guideline laid down by Allah the uncreated creator, whose jurisdiction cannot be
questioned by any court of law.
Islam and the lifestyle that Allah planned for us has made the family a unit in which a
man and woman comes together according to the guidelines laid down by the Almighty
Allah. They become close to each other as garment is to the body, the couple honour and
share each other’s difficulty, prosperity and adversity. Hence in Islam the couple are
united as husband and wife in the presence of witnesses seeking Allah’s blessings to
increase in mutual love, affection and compassion, agreeing to care for each other in
sickness and adversity. In an Islamic family, the man is regarded as the head, while the
woman is to take care of the family. Even if the man has more responsibility which
makes him has power over his wife, it does not make him better than his her. The
Glorious Quran says:
“And in no wise covet those things in which Allah has bestowed His gifts more freely on
some of you than others: to men is allotted what they earn, and to women what they
earn…”[Noble Quran 4:32] Obedience is the first right that Islam acknowledges for the husband over his wife.
Muslim women are required to obey their husbands in everything unless they commands
them to disobey Allah subhanahu Wa taaa Allah.
‘Ali ibn Abi Talib, may Allah be pleased with him said that, the Messenger of Allah,may
the mercy and benediction of Allah be upon him, said:
“No obedience in what is sinful. Obedience is only in what is right.” [Agreed upon].
طاعة في معصية إنما الطاع في المعروف» متفق عليه»
Muslimah are expected to obey their husbands when they commands, fulfill their request
when they orders, abstain when they forbids and abide when they advises.



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