Who does he tell?
When his name has been changed,
Transferred to the devils in human skin.
He represents peace, his name is peace
But his beliefs have been broken to pieces
As he now roams around to convince people of his stand.
He is not Shia, nor Serial Killer,
He is not Al-Qaeda but he’s Islam
But when they say he has shot another man in the soul
Who does he tell to make his intentions known?

Who does the Muslim tell
That the Sharia is the basis of his laws?
The law that gives fair-hearing before dashing out judgement
But how does he tell an ignorant about knowledge
As he’s given to giving out jungle judgement?
Judgement without basis in the Sharia,
Just as the world’s terrorists,
How they misinterpret every verse of the Qur’an
And make the Muslims be accused of every crime,
Painted evil on the media every time,
Ill-sobers in the fouls of innocent tries
When no one is willing to unhear the crimes
But to whom does he tell what his beliefs are?

Who does the Muslim tell
When the media turns the world against him?
How does he reconcile with the terrorists?
They claim to be holy, claim to be Muslims
But formulate extreme philosophies
In no where but in Islamic countries
Where they kill the Muslims
And dominate their cities
To murder them behind the monster’s mask
And many times, they make me ask myself;
If they’re against the Non-Muslims,
Why don’t they go to their territories?
Maybe because of their evil secrets
But every time the Muslim is killed,
Who does he tell?

© Ibrahim Ayobami Balogun ~ Evergreen


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