When people from around are dying to survive,
I’m eagerly searching ways and waiting whether when will I die!

Don’t want to talk anymore about my useless life,
Because I’m confused and completely broken to strife!

May not have been so much better,
If I get caught up with this fetter!

A feel of badly engaged devastated mood,
Warning my soul within to burn out in wood!

Can’t believe that it’s a great brutal loss,
As it’s not an issue though there was no cause!

Never ever dreamt even once in my life of those betrayal thing,
Maybe I believed blindly and trusted even my thoughts swing!

Can’t predict anything even though the struggles are what I undergo still,
Wishing to fantasise a happy note at least in my dreams to rise like hill!

Wasn’t an easy task to lead a normal life with those pain,
Can’t explain just through words as it’s more to complain!

I’m leaving this note with hell broken feeling seems,
Just to vent out of knowing what my future means!

I’ve counted my blessings even when I was weary,
Now I cannot accept my loss as it’s kinda scary!

Does anyone want me to teach you what life is about?
I’ll choose to say that it’s to help others and obey my Lord with no doubt!

I remember rejecting the only One who was always there for me,
Maybe even now in my depressed state tasting my pain like a honey bee!

I don’t want to feel worse tomorrow,
Though my life is controlled by sorrow!

Don’t know why I’m falling apart from my optimism,
Life would be more difficult if there was only pessimism!

Sorta strange to accept my present situation,
Wish there was something more to choose from education!

Don’t know how to judge my story,
Cos it’s mystery filled one to feel sorry!

The only salvation is to attain my God’s mercy,
Without it my life hereafter will be dreary

I believe that pandemic is nothing we need to strife
It’s His alert to let us examine What is the Purpose of our Life.


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