Sheikh Ibrahim Makarfi was said to have been appointed as the Imam of Masjid Haram, Saudi Arabia. The report now shared across various media outlets has seen well-meaning lovers of the Imam of Abuja National Mosque, Sheikh Makarfi, send him congratulatory messages on his alleged appointment.

The KnowIslam Project reached out to appropriate authorities and received no positive response. Though read and shared by thousands of Netizens, there is no evidence of his appointment.

We have also reliably gathered from the Imam that the report of his announcement is fake.

May be an image of 1 person and text that says '" Mutane suna ta kira akan wani labari da muka tashi dashi yau akan limancin masallachin Haram.. Kila dai fatan alkhairi ne ya sanya wadanda suka kirkiri labarin kirkirarsa ko kuma sunaye ne suka yi kama. Muna matukar godiya da dukkan kyawawan zato da fatan alkhairi daga masoya PROF A. MAQARI @PROFMAQARI August21 2022 "'

He noted that those who wish him well should be hopeful and appreciate his followers.

We urge channels spreading this fake news to delete their posts and broadcast the correct information as Muslims should prioritize speaking the truth.

KnowIslam Project





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