Imagine sleeping and waking up in the morning thinking that everything is fine until you realised a friend whom you’ve just spoken to yesterday has died.

Come on people, this shows we have no time.

Wallahi bruv, there is no time.

This friend could’ve been us, who’s to say that we aren’t going to be them next?

One day you will wake up and you will realise that life isn’t forever,

One day you will wake up and you will regret the fact that you weren’t talking to some person because now they’ve gone back to Allah Subhanahu Wa Ta’ala and there’s nothing you can do to bring them back.

Akhi & Ukthi, swallow your pride because life isn’t forever, sort out any mess you have,

FORGIVE those who have OPPRESSED you, be kind to those who are mean to you and remember Allah every single second of your life.

Wallahi bruv, life is so short, there’s graves now that have been dug up today for people that are going to die. Who’s to say that it may not be me or you going in it?

Turn back to Allah before you return to him.

Surely, Allah is the most merciful so turn back to him and repent.

May Allah Subhanahu Wa Ta’ala grant us all with Jannatul Firdous .

Ya Allah grant us all to die with Imaan.

Ameen Ya Rabbal Alameen



“كل نفس ذائقة الموت”

“Every soul shall taste death” – Quran 3:185


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