This season, the woman should be gladdened with gifts from the man – to the best of his ability. There is no other best time she could feel being cared for than this auspicious period. No matter how sunk she is in zuhud, she wants to feel on top of the world. She wants to be spoiled through various provisions – clothing, dining, wining, penny… The list is inexhaustible.

This season, the woman wants to look elegant and appear radiant. She wants her children’s bodies attired fabulously and their feet shod fantabulously. In short, the woman wants to feel like some queen in the palace of some affluent king.

This season, the man gladdens the woman beyond her imaginations. He makes her shed tears of ecstasy with surprises that are beyond her expectations. It is the season of festivity. And as such should it be handled.

Festivity means expression of love, happiness and caring. The woman should be shown that she is truly loved irrespective of her fixated flaws; after all, she has got some fantastic flux. Give her kind words at home and in the open. Treat her like a queen that she is. Walk with her by your side on the street. Wear the same cloth with her to fiests. Take her out if you have the means.

This season, the man should be appreciated like never before. Words of gratitude go a long way, no matter how small his hand is. Praise him for the little he is able to do. This will but propel him to do more and much better than before. Make him know how irreplaceable he is in your life. Sit him down and do a highlight of all he has done for you since your two became one. Blow up his head with eulogies and encomiums. Make him cry happily.

This season, the man should be served with specially made delicacies. Prove to him that no other woman can be a better cook in his entire life. Go learn delicacies of the era and cause his tongue to salivate big. Go learn, I so repeat. It is never too late. That’s one fundamental path to your husband’s heart. The woman should know how to make different delicacies with the salah meat.


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