There are several grievous sins in the sight of Allah that are deeply, routinely rooted in people’s daily attitudes. One of such is tale bearing – talking ill of someone behind him.

If a neighbour or a friend had a baby last year and she is carrying another pregnancy this year, of what disadvantage is that to madam talebearer – the tattler of the century? She goes about tattling her neighbour or friend as if she had something at stake with the coming of the baby. Ofofo o gbe’gbaa, ibi ope lo mo.

Telltales are idle. That’s why shaytan usually easily plays sudoku with their brains. Even those who have jobs among them have been overridden by their wageless work of calumniation. Awon alainironu!

No one can be legitimately rich – acquires a land, a house or a car – without being tagged a ritualist or a thief. At the slightest progress of anyone, their assembly of devils is instantly conveyed to invoke satire and vilification. Awon k’eni ma ni, eranko!

Tale bearing is sometimes done to bring people down so as to level up to their positions or grow above them. In order to achieve this ungodly feat, tattlers go the extra mile in falsifying innocent, guiltless people, all in the name of journeying to the ladder top, forgetting that nemesis (atubotan) beats much more than the cane. It is no hyperbole, therefore, that the posts occupied by some persons today were attained having successfully brought down some other persons by the way of tale bearing. Hmm! Esan m bo!

Tale bearing, rumormongering, gossiping, tattletale or calumniation is considered a small, trivial sin by the doers, but apparently, it is big in the sight of Allah. Any act that may land one in hell isn’t in any way trivial. It is a serious matter.

“He will not enter the Paradise, a talebearer,” so expressly said by the holy Prophet.

It’s disheartening that the evil of tale bearing thrives so easily in the mosque where matters and activities are supposed to be decorously handled. What a pity!

Some people became so addictive to this unwholesome, disuniting mess that they successfully desecrated the house of Allah – the masjid! Subhaanallah! They scandalise for only God knows why. There is nothing done by the leadership of the mosque that is not greeted by antagonism, not criticism. A critic addresses issues objectively, and with remedies, while an antagonist condemns decisions with no solutions proffered. The antagonist- talebearer sees what is good as bad, and of course, what is bad as good. He is a foe, not a friend. He may pretend to be a friend, but he is a foe

Those who make the evil of the talebearers flourish are the dogmas, the acquiescent ninnies who take tales from their bearers hook, line and sinker; those who do not verify matters before onward dissemination; those who are pathologically gullible that accept anything that enters their ears as veracious – the zombies.

Allah says:

“O you who have believed, when a talebearer comes to you with a piece of information, do verify, so that you do not abuse a people ignorantly, after which you regret your actions.” Q49 V61.

Mr, Madam talebearer, it is never too late to repent from your ungodly act. Remember, the grave is calling.


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