The Media and Misleading headlines


If we can use any word more suitable than “bias” for the media, we would.


The media is bias when it comes to Muslims. Check below for differences in reports when Muslims are the victims or culprits and when non-Muslims are the victims or culprits.


When a Muslim is a victim, he becomes a worshipper, a man…


When a Muslim is the culprit, he becomes Islamic terrorist, Jihadist etc



White non-Muslim culprits are labeled mentally ill, gunmen or hate crime/speech




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  • Kareemat
    Posted Mon 24 Ramadan 1438AH 19-6-2017AD 1:20 pm

    Medipocrite, (hypocritical media) that’s what they are.

    • knowisla
      Posted Mon 24 Ramadan 1438AH 19-6-2017AD 1:32 pm

      Well said

  • Fareed
    Posted Wed 26 Ramadan 1438AH 21-6-2017AD 12:18 pm

    What do u expect?
    We are opposites . Muslim ,understand the Prophesies will never change. We are on our own .we’re their enemies in this life, we’re a threat to them.
    We know the media is bias, so what?
    Support Al Jazeera, you will get the facts!

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