The clock ticks faster than ever.,

Man, in search of a lasting revival continue to struggle for survival,

The shadow of death keep chasing man till He would run no more,

The hour then arrive when all hopes become dissipated,

Man would continue to Chase the wind till He get hold of nothing,

My certificate, my profession, my policy, my women, my this my that,

All will watch with naked eyes while Man makes a return to his Lord,

The day is fast approaching like never before,

The one who is destined to die tonight wouldn’t know until the arrival of Death,

And as little as this Gregorian year remains
A good number of people wouldn’t witness the birth of another year,

Many are already planning for 2018 when they have little or knowledge If they would witness the end of 2017,


Am weary of the day I breath no more,

My first night down below, deep inside the grave,

Am weary of the day my family morns my departure,

I fear for the day of judgement and what it holds,

I mean the day when Man would deny his children and every mother would mind her business,

You know what; if only we live as though tomorrow is impossible,

Today would have been better by far!

Yah Allah, we ask that you grant us better understanding of your Deen.

Do not take our soul until you are pleased with us.


May Allah make us steadfast till our last breath.

Allaahu l Musta’aan!



Credit : Hassan Ali Ibn Maruphdeen


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