Islamic Scholar and Cell Biologist, Dr. Abdulhafiz Danjuma Aliagan, had stated that Ramadan should be a month that inspires sincerity in Muslims, emphasizing that Taqwa (piety) is essential to real the month’s full benefit.

These statements were made at the Ramadan Lecture organized by the Nigeria Association of Muslim Law Students (NAMLAS), University of Ilorin, on Thursday, 10th of April, 2022, themed “Extolling the Divine Virtues of Ramadan.”

“Ramadan makes you realize that it is not your body that is in control of you but your soul because you desist from wrong deeds which your body was already used to before Ramadan,” Dr. Aliagan stated.

He also doled out tips on acts that should be avoided in the holy month, ranging from too much sleep, excessive movie watch, arguments, false talks and backbiting. He stated that these acts are bound to decrease rewards that ought to be attained in Ramadan.

Dr. Aliagan also enjoined the participants to be steadfast in their night prayers, give out charities and should not miss their Sahurs (prescribed breakfasts). He also mentioned that there should be intentions set on projections on what every Muslim intends to achieve in the holy month, and these can be realized through “having a sincere intention that this month of Ramadan, you want to do certain Ibaadah, a set timetable where you draw your plans for Ramadan, staying away from distractions, practicing one Sunnah of the Prophet at least every day of Ramadan and making Dua after sunrise, increase the remembrance of Allâh, tasbih, tahmîd, repeat them often.”

The Nigeria Association of Muslim Law Students, University of Ilorin (NAMLAS UNILORIN), is a collective of Muslim law students in the Faculty of Law, University of Ilorin. The organization, in its objectives, aims to “promote the welfare of its members, and inspire conversations on evolving themes and providing Islamic legal solutions to recurring problems.”

“Islamic law leave no turn unturned, and as an organization, NAMLAS UNILORIN, is poised in its zeal in inspiring indepth conversations on topics that are aimed at finding solutions to matters that bothers us all,” stated the organization’s President and Ameer, Adedimeji Quayyim.

“The Lecture is aimed to enlighten Muslim audiences on the benefits of the month of Ramada, so that they may fully optimize its relevance. Distractions abound, especially in the world of elitism and social media, and it is important that Muslims are focused on the attainment of divine certification and spirituality” he stated.


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