Assalamu ‘alaikum wa rahmatullah wa barakatuh,

By the will of Allah(swt) and His infinite mercy, i am excited to inform you of the completion and launch of a project of Street Dawah Nigeria called #thedeeninus

The project is aimed at educating the non-muslim on Islam and showing them the inspiration and positivity within the Muslim Ummah thereby giving them a first hand information about our story inshaAllah

We strive to achieve this via the use of the project website and its social media platforms by sharing information focussed on Foundations of Islam, Prophet Muhammad(pbuh), The Quran, inspiration from Muslim and Masajid.

We hope to counter the negativity in the world towards Islam by doing our little bit via this project.

As with all projects, we seek to ask for your support towards achieving the success of this project academically, financially or morally. We believe its a tasks for all of us as Muslims and our collective effort will bring us close to success inshaAllah.

You can please visit the website and its pages on Facebook, twitter and instagram. Your suggestions, correction and advice will be highly appreciated.

May Allah guide us every step of the way. Ameen



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