ALLAHUMMA ANTHOLOGY — A publication of KnowIslamNG (PDF download).

This anthology was compiled in good faith to give voices to established and budding Muslim writers to write on various topics of their choice whilst keeping the all-encompassing theme “Allahumma” in mind. The contributions in this collection are intellectually mind-blowing, spiritually warming and wonderfully amazing. Contributors boundlessly explored their inner selves, weaknesses, religious struggles, and what have you.

While some pieces are fictional, and others, nonfictional, what connects all the pieces remains the contributors’ exploration of what lies deep within their hearts,
of the words unsaid, of the sins unexposed, of burning persecutions, of trials and tribulations, of the struggles with faith, and of divine intervention.

We do hope you’ll have a nice time reading through, and we await your reviews. Kindly click the link below to download:

Allahumma! – KnowislamNG (Dark Theme)

Allahumma! – KnowislamNG (White Theme)


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