Most of those saying the Shari’ah law is this and that and at the same time asking why it is not used for corrupt politicians, it is time for y’all to see the beauty of the Shari’ah law.

Now, you know that it frowns at corruption and its implementation will drastically REDUCE evil in the society. Perhaps, there needs be a campaign from you folks for the use of the Shari’ah law at the Federal Level if really you are serious.

Meanwhile, for the blasphemy and some other crimes that carry the death sentence, it is imperative that you know that God is not in need of the blood of any human and no Musmim’s Paradise lie in the blood of sinners that are punished.

The essence of the law and its ‘rigidity’ is to give the human a favorable and peaceful society. If blasphemy carries the death penalty for all religions, people will learnt to have religious respect, practically and not just theoretically.

If the one who murders is to be killed, then imagine a system that considers your life so sacred that it gives a maximum punishment for the price of your life!

If the hands of the thief is to be cut, I think only a thief would only consider this to be rigid. Think about it, if you live in such society, you leave safer and more secured regarding your properties than in a society where thieves are being celebrated and you become a SAN by standing for thieves and turning black into white.

Also know that the Shari’ah is a legal system and not a jungle justice. Therefore, there is room for defense just as it is in the Democratic legal system. It is time that you disregarded the notion that once you are accused, your hand gets caught or its instant beheading.

As a debater and a commentator on world politics, contemporary and social issues, I understand what it is to have different opinions or see things from a different perspective, however, some opinions are but results of brainwashing and ‘bandwagonism’.

Lastly, if anyone or group of people take advantage of the Shari’ah like the North for example to suppress the poor and strengthen the rich, then, that is one of the evils inherent in humans and the Shari’ah has no blame. Also, crimes are crimes. One who knows the law of the land, disregards it and run to it for safety is but a clown.

When you stage campaign for someone who insults the religious figures of others against the law, you should properly define if your objection to the punishment is that gravity of the judgment or you think inciting violence is freedom of speech.

Bashir Lucas Samson Lukman


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