I cherished the sighting of the Crescent

Deterred from my Lord was my heart

Like the emptiness that goes beyond explanations.

Bad-mannered was my disposition to other Believers.

My Standing, Bending and Prostration – all in Prayer,
I unrepentantly abandoned,
Numberless time over.

Ties of kinship wasn’t my priority to solidify, nay! I severed irrespective of the relationship, just as not important in a figment.

Excessive eating, till unable to take or give benefit was my trademark
To counsels, I held not
Voluntary fasting; was not my habit.

By the coming of RAMADAN
My bad actions disappeared to thin air
Just like a smoke ebbing high.

I was totally overhauled
Just like a new being
The accursed one has been chained!

I became dedicated to Allah alone
Worship became my hubby.
Not to anyone but the Lord of the Great Throne.

I yearn for rewards from my Lord.
As I resolved not to return to my vomit.
By the will of Ar-Rahman.
And the steadfastness to the Sunnah.

The coming of Romodan is a blessing to me.
It arrives with a fragrance
That expunge all crooks
And reinvigorate me to a ‘True Believer’.

Grant us long life to witness more Ramadan Ya Allah.
Its company is a life-changing one.

Lawal Arishekola
For www.knowislam.com.ng



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