Syria….. You can just cry, we can just cry… 
You’re helpless… We are helpless… 
Shall we look up to our creator to save us from all these? 
Shall he change our condition except we change what’s in ourselves? 
HE didn’t make bombs and other destructive elements…. MAN DID! 
Let those in Syria fear Allah 
Tell it to the Egyptians 
To the Afghans 
To the Pakistanis 
Tell it to the whole world… Fear Allah.. 
Whether be war, whether be peace.. 
Whether be tough, whether be ease, 
The killer and the killed… 
The oppressed and the oppressor… 
Whether be far, whether be soon, 
Death shall overtake us all, 
The killed shall behold his killer, 
The oppressed shall behold his oppressor… 
And I am troubled, 
I wonder and ponder, if the killed and the oppressed, 
Are not of those who have faith, do good deeds and join together in the mutual teaching of truth, patience and constancy, 
What justice do they await? 
Shall they not be in the company of their killers and oppressors?
Indeed, those who believe are those who have faith and do good deeds are the best of creatures.. 
And there’s no true believer except one who fears Allah.. 
And Allah knows best.. 
Lukman Bashir LuCas Samson


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