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So Abraham was a Hebrew, in a time when the term Jew did not even exist. The
descendants of Jacob were the Twelve Tribes of the Israelites, and only Judah and his line
came to be known as Jews. Even Moses, despite popular opinion, was not a Jew. Exodus
6:16­20 identifies Moses as a descendant of Levi and not of Judah, and therefore a


He was a law giver to the Jews, certainly, but not a Jew by the definition of that
time in history. This is not to diminish who he was and what he did, certainly, but just to
state the case for the record. So if Abraham was not a Jew—and most certainly he was not a Christian—what laws of salvation was he subject to?

And what about the other prophets preceding Moses?


While the Jewish and Christian clergy struggle over this point, Islam teaches that
“Abraham was not a Jew nor yet a Christian; but he was true in Faith, and bowed his will
to Allah’s, (which is Islam), and he did not join gods with Allah (God)” (TMQ 3:67). In
addition to stating that the religion of Abraham was that of  “submission to God” (i.e.,
Islam), this passage of the Holy Qur’an teaches that an individual’s faith and submission
is more important than the label by which that person is known.


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