Earlier, I promised to write on, “Jerusalam, we are brothers”. It is not unfortunate that I will not write on this topic as I intended to, for the sake of controversy and another reason I will state at the end of this article. Meanwhile, I will make a summary of what I should write on this December and might write before January if something VERY IMPORTANT COMES UP.


I embraced Islam in 2013 and since then, I’ve been in talks with lots of Muslims especially those in different media outlets. Sometimes, I wonder, “Where are the Muslims?”. During the #IstandwithSheriffahYunus episode, I started to question why this story is not in newspaper(s).

We need journalists like Sulaiman Aledeh and Eneye Ahmad Jamiu Emma who have the Deen in mind with no iota of liberalism! I talked to someone I thought could get the story published but I was disappointed he had a liberal view. These are what I have discovered,

* In a country like Nigeria, non-Muslims at the top cannot successfully oppress Muslims without the help of liberal Muslims at the top!

* We are funny and ridiculous. I was red when I read a post on Facebook. As regards our sister that was not called to bar, the poster wrote, “please, what she is wearing is not Hijab, it is too short”. Inna Lillahi wa inna ilaihi raaji’un!!! Many of us are fault-finders and we busy ourselves with finding faults when it is not necessary.

Like the #IstandwithSheriffahYunus episode, there are many (in the name of knowledge) who would not join in the campaign because they think that women should stay in their houses. Then even go to the extent of saying, “why is a woman studying law?”, “Why can’t Sherifah Yunus (a Niqobi) stay in her house?”. Even if I agree to disagree with their argument, do they not know that someone who persecutes a Muslimah because of hijab will come to oppress you or your son for holding a Qur’an? It is not the Hijab they hate but the religion!!!

* We need to talk and make the world realize that modernists, philosophers, liberals do not represent us. My brother, Eseoghene Al-Faruq Ohwojeheri wrote this article in 2015 and it describes everything! He wrote,

“A liberalist is the brother of an extremist. Both of them believe you can interpret the scriptures the way you want it. Both of them believe taking actions in matters of public affairs is the right of every individual. Both of them believe in fighting for their rights through civil disobedience; to the extremist it is called Jihad and Crusade even when it is not. To the liberalist it is called protests, revolution, uprising, and freedom fighting. These are one and the same people though seeming with different agenda; same method, same thinking. Let us take the Muslim world for example.

While extremists like the present Boko Haram group have gone mad killing any living thing that is not from their group, liberalist took to the streets in the madness of worse proportion that was called the Arab Spring. While Boko Haram killed at most 14-15 thousand people in 6 years, the liberalist Arab Spring took the life of over 300,000 people in one year, but don’t talk about it. Also do not talk about the obvious flaws of democracy. Your freedom of speech will forsake you.

Liberalism is freedom to do what you want including interpreting the scriptures the way you please, extremism is just an act of liberalism. Liberalism is the world’s disease not religion.

As a Muslim who realises that Islam is not leftist or rightist, extreme or liberal, all about peace or all about violent, I have learnt a number of things from the religion which will benefit both the extremist and liberalist. I have learnt that Islam is not to be taken in half but to be viewed in whole and who best to do this but the scholar of the religion?

This is why any Muslim who is worth his salt is not a public commentator on Boko Haram because he knows that from the orderliness of the religion is that not everyone speaks in public, he is not a basher of the government neither does he try to fight them because he knows the beloved Prophet of Islam prohibited us from bashing the leader in public and instructed us to advise them in private, and he is most definitely not a materialist who thinks if he fights he has to kill innocents to weaken his enemies else he will lose neither is he a materialist who thinks that he has to play along with the time for life to be easy or for people to be attracted to the religion.

A true Muslim puts his trust in Allah and affords what is forbidden from killing the innocents to cutting the beards to suicide bombing to shaking hands with women to unorganized participation in evil systems to rebellion against constituted authorities to insulting the leader in public, he does not rationalize the Qur’an and Sunnah as does the extremist and liberalist; the former to support his anger and bitterness and the latter to support his desires. A true Muslim takes Islam as it is and with true Muslims the world will find example of what balance truly means.

Eseoghene Al-Faruq Ohwojeheri”

No one sells Muslims more than liberals. Let me just state what I think should be stated and anyone is free to hate me. All Hijabi muslim sisters that were called to bar and removed their Hijab because of just one day are a disappointment to the religion of Islam and if this goes on, the unbelievers would use them to support their argument that we can do away with hijab!

I begin to wonder if any of you dies whilst you have the wig on without the Hijab, what would you tell Allah (SWT)? Alhamdulillah, the event is gone, it is really important to seek forgiveness from Allah (SWT). May Allah forgive you, Ameen.

How do you feel when an unbeliever’s argument against sister Firdau’s action is based on your negligence. Sambo Dare Ibrahim Al Iloori wrote,

“You uploaded pictures of female muslimah congratulating them on their call to bar ceremony knowing fully they were not in their hijab, at the same time you are here and there talking about injustice melted on our Sister Amasa because of her hijab.
Isn’t that contradictory? You can’t be here and be there at the same time. People like you and those Muslimah you congratulated are the main problem and in fact those that allow people like Amasa to be humiliated”

Perhaps if you respected the religion and did like sister Firdaus, an unbeliever’s argument would be based on the country being secular and we will ask where he dropped fundamental human rights that covers freedom of religion!


Allah’s aid is sought!


As regards Jerusalem, I was unconscious for about 7-8 days after my accident. When I regained consciousness, it took me about a month to remember there is anything like Saudi Arabia or Qatar.


Then, I remembered the articles and tantrums on social media as regards Saudi-Qatar issue. If I had died, Allah will not ask me about these two countries but my deeds! If I had sinned during arguments or in articles I wrote during the saga, who will stand for me in front of Allah?

My definition of “Jerusalam – we are brothers”, is that we do not need to cut ties over issues you will not be asked about. So, if Israel-Palestine conflict makes two people who may claim to the Qur’an and Sunnah with the understanding of the pious predecessors curse and label one another, how would they deal with opposition from a shi’a or jew?

As regards Palestinians and other Muslims in the world, we seek Allah’s mercy upon us. Ameen.


This afternoon, I read something that will add to  my going off social media till January so I can completely treat what is left of the effects of the accident, In shaa Allah

My brother, Lukman Ridwan Samuel sent an Islamic article to a Christian lady and she said,

“I know you won’t change. I am blocking you. You have joined your brother in his misfortune (talking about my embracing Islam). The misfortune that brought him close to death”


For the first time since I had my accident, I cried. Despite the excruciating pains at the hospital, no one saw my tears. I cried not because I was sad, I cried because I imagined what must have been said, one even came to tell me something similar when I was hospitalized. I have also gathered screenshots of articles and negative comments from Christians as regards the accident, the so called peaceful people. When going to Madrasah becomes going to persecute Christ. And of the five people that died instantly in the accident, I wonder those who were going to persecute Christ amongst them.

I cried because I am grateful to Allah (SWT). In shaa Allah, I will be going way so I could take my time to rest and recover fully.

Ya Allah, do not take us except you are pleased with us as Muslims submitting to your will. Ameen.


Bashir Lucas Samson Lukman


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