Islam not only as a religion but as a divine way of life. The only way that can give a perfect and reliable perception about every aspect of human day to day life situations is Islam. The world will be at peace, there will be no corruption nor disaster if only, the whole of mankind can live there life according to how Allah has programmed it for us.


Islamic standards and lessons can give practical, reasonable and target answers for the anticipation of individual, social and worldwide issues which are debilitating the presence of human groups all through the world.


The world today is drenched with numerous religions with diverse concept theory, and each one of these religious groups are claiming to be the best way to eternal life. But unfortunately, in all this religions, or should we say in Christianity precisely. They don’t have legit principle or moral for themselves from their so called holy book, they are simply getting things done as they need it to be, with their own personal speculations, and carrying on with their life as they like.


Unlike Islam which deals with all conditions of life. We have principle system of worship, law of marriage, dress code, mode of behavior, inheritance, family, politics, peace, divorce, trading. Teaches us economic, political, and social control for people and the communities. In Islam, we Muslims know our duties and rights with our neighbor, family, or any human being we come across.


Also, if we are able to ask our dear Christians, what is the purpose of your creation?. Why are you living as a human?, the answer will just come from their own thinking, what they think it should be. “God created me for good, to be a great personality in life” and so on. As they predicted for Jesus, that he was created to come and die for their sins.


Allah created us for a sole purpose, and what is the purpose. We are created to worship our creator, and how can we worship God, where can we be guided to worship God righteously, nowhere but in Islam. It is not a mistake or illusion when we say Islam is the best way of life.  Islam is God’s enormity in the nature. As it was mentioned earlier, Islam has insight concerning all aspect of our life. And He has told us in the glorious Qur’an

“I have created the jinn and humankind only for My worship.” (51:56)


The only way a man can fulfill his purpose of living is by practicing islam. Making islam a choice so that hereafter can please you. Because it is a way of life established by God to all mankind.

“indeed, the religion in sight of Allah is islam” (3 : 19)

 “and whoever desires other than islam as religion, never will it be accepted from him, and he, will be among the losers” (3 : 85)





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