They are a people with angelic looks,


People with filthy guts suffused with deceits,


Hearts filled with hatred,


And thirst which only supremacy could quench,


For that; they (Non Muslims) slayed our brethren,


And hide behind broad fake smile,


With coated tongue to paint us as murderers,


Peace out, hatred in,




We; The murderer,


They; The victim,


Is that not a switch of identity?


And our crime?


Interest, we detest,


Alcohol, we detest,


Homosexuality, we refuse



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Listen to a home of truth,


Oh! Messenger of deceits;




Listen to our voices,


Listen to the voices of truth as they warn you of a child,


A child who says his mother won’t sleep,


He too shall not have the right to a wink the whole night,


Listen to our voices as we mail it to you,


That we (Muslims)are heralds of truth,


And upon that;


We shall reign over you.




Amori Lateefah (DREAM)


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