We have seen many campaigns by Muslims from the right to wear the Hijab, the media assassination of Islam, marginalization, etc. I started to think, “what exactly is the problem of the Muslims?”.

I have discovered that the problem of the Muslims is inclusivity. Muslims are not included or do not get themselves involved where it matters. A religion with about 1.8 billion adherents in the world and one of the largest, if not the largest in Africa and to narrow it down, in Nigeria. If we were to use Nigeria as a case study, how come Muslims with the overwhelming numbers claim to be marginalized?

Over the years I have listened, watched, and read arguments on whether Muslims should partake in politics or not in a democratic system. At the time of this writing, I do not have a strong stance on whether or not to partake in politics in a democratic system.

Back to inclusivity, Muslim are not included when it comes to power. Those who claim to be on the Quran and the Sunnah as understood by the pious predecessors refuse to take part in politics. On the other end, the Liberals who do not necessarily care about some fundamental aspects of the Deen are the representatives of Muslims in politics. So we take our hijab cases and table it in front of a non-muslim judge, we appeal to the non-muslim for our rights. The Liberals who should represent Islam are not necessarily working for the interest of the Muslims. In fact, they see the Hijab, Khimar, and Niqab as Arab culture. How then do we expect such person to protect the rights of the Muslims?

The Muslim community has more than enough numbers to include itself in power-play. Back then, the missionaries had us at a disadvantage given their evil of making sure Muslim children give up their Muslim identity to get education but the times have changed. If those who understand the religion stay aloof, we will continue to run to the non-muslims and the liberals to protect our rights.

Conclusively, if we refuse to take part in the electoral process of a system, we cannot expect the same system to protect our rights. Muslims are not marginalized, we simply do not include ourselves and many of those who put themselves forth are those we do not necessarily understand the Deen but we run to them when matters arise or for donations to Masjid projects.

It is double standards if someone does not partake in the electoral practices of a system and still accuse the same system of not giving interest-free loans. I am a consequentialist who accepts the responsibility of my actions. Partake in the system and fight for your rights or neglect the system and not ask it for your rights.

The zealous ones who would want to prepare my certificate of leaving their fold should know that it won’t be the first time I would be labeled and Islam is not their father’s property.

Bashir Lucas Samson Lukman

The views expressed in this article are of the author’s and do not necessarily reflect KnowIslam policies.


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