gathered that a church in Ghana released what is assumed to be their ‘price list’ for what they termed ‘special offering’ for getting miracles.


Like the popular saying ‘wonders shall never end’, this list from a Ghanaian church is nothing short of a thing to wonder about.


A social media user identified as @ozorchristian, shared a picture of a church’s ‘special offering’ which he claims is from a Ghanaian church.


According to the picture, the church offers as little as $240 (about N86,000) for a 24-hour miracle, and as much as $5,000, (N1.8m) for you to be elevated to a millionaire status.


Sharing the picture, @ozorchristian, wrote:

“It seems some Ghanaian pastors and churches are learning fast from fake Nigerian pastors. Here is a
list of amount to sow if you want sharp sharp miracle in this Ghanaian Church … #church #ghana #Nigeria
#menofGod #fakepasto rs”


Na wa o! Would you attend feel comfortable attending this church?




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