Some days ago, the story of a ‘Muslim’ lady, who, on Twitter said she hid the Bible for 6 months to read and that there is something about it that gives her peace, went viral. This story, like many others, following our investigations, is false, misleading and another example of missionary and evangelical tactics of the gospellers to win souls for Christ.

This article is a refutation to that story and to set the records straight, that, such a thing never occurred.

During our investigation, we discovered that a certain twitter handle, ‘fatima557895’, the real name supposedly Fatima Yusuf, tweeted,

“I have been secretly reading the Bible for six months now, there’s just something about it that brings me peace. How can something that they say is wrong, fell so right? (sic)

Tweet from the fake twitter account

This tweet went viral that many blogs published it and was shared by the always-ready-to-share-anything social media users.


The news is fake; there is nothing true about it. Our team of researchers searched for ‘Fatima557895’ on twitter but found a deactivated account.

Fatima Yusuf’s account was deactivated

In a quest to figure out the truth, we furthered our research and discovered, that, a Muslim sister’s picture had been stolen, used as a profile picture for a twitter account for that purpose that is most likely to be a male.

The sister whose account was attached to the tweet had cried out against this evil. The sister’s twitter handle is @jiminez_cartel (LiQuid EleCtricity) had used her twitter handle to debunk the fake news. She tweeted,

@jiminez_cartel debunks the story

These are reactions from people…

A Twitter user, Dayyabu Umar, also did some fact-checking…


Replying to Reuben Abati, the victim wrote,

This Twitter user is very correct…


And more reactions…

People react to the fake story


Is Journalism Dying?

Journalism today is in danger. What do we say of a world where tweets and social media posts seem to have taken over true journalism?. Today, we have many fake news contents that are being spread and broadcasted on a daily basis.

Reuben Abati, a Special Adviser on Media and Publicity to Nigeria’s ex-President, President Goodluck Jonathan, also published the story on his website.

Though unconfirmed, The Nation, a Nigerian Daily Newspaper, also published this story on their website. And these are the people we rely on for information?

The Nation Newspaper reports a fake news

Evangelical Tactics

A religion founded on lies needs to be propagated with lies. It is not news that for many years, the Evangelists or Gospellers have employed all tactics, including, deceit, lies, and propaganda, to convert souls to Christ.

We have, in our archive, refutations to many stories of fake conversions.

Refuting the claim of a False Ex-Muslim Scholar who said the Qur’an says Jesus is God

Rebuttal to “I left Islam because I studied Muhammad’s life. I accepted the Gospel because I studied Jesus’ life”

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Qur’an 9:32: “They want to extinguish the light of Allah with their mouths, but Allah refuses except to perfect His light, although the disbelievers dislike it.”


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