I have had encounters with officers of the NPF many times.

We have argued, I have invaded a poor station with the help of others to fight for the right of a woman that would have been oppressed, I have been arrested, I have seen them act unjustly towards citizens of this nation.

However, I still recognize the fact that there are good people among them. As much as many of us may be displeased with the NPF, it would be exuberance to ask the Federal Government to stop end the NPF. If we start such campaign, the robbers amongst us would take advantage and protest with passion.

In the same vein, while thousands of Nigerians have attested to the memance of SARS officials, I do not think that scrapping SARS would be the wisest thing to do.

Those who clamour for the scrapping of SARS are motivated by different factors. Some are hardworking innocent Nigerians that have experienced the evil of some of SARS officials, some have had their loved ones killed while some are criminals who feel threatened by the presence of the SARS.

Dear fellow Nigerians,

We need to think as much as we feel. While I agree that calling for the end of SARS is justifiable, I am of the opinion that the wisest thing to do is to call for its reformation and reorientation, putting in place stringent measures to curb the excesses of these men.

If I were to judge by my experience with officers of the Nigeria Police Force, I should at this time be campaigning for the end of the NPF but the question is, “to whom do we leave the criminals?”

It is sad that we have to flee from those who are to protect us. With guns in their hands, they extort people on the highway, at the station, we are made to pay bribes and with their wits, they make sure there is no evidence. Those we should trust have become our nightmare. However, we need law enforcers, don’t we? That is why I am of the opinion that SARS should be reformed.

We should also not allow ourselves to be manipulated due to emotions. If Boko Haram consider the Nigeria Army to be a threat, they would swiftly join any campaign calling for its end.

While the President’s silence on the matter is best know to him, it is advisable that this matter be looked into before it generates into a national crisis.

Conclusively, #ReformSARS

Bashir Lucas Samson Lukman


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