Fool at dawn,

Wise at noon,

Ignorant at Sunset,

Wouldn’t you wisely wash the ink?


Plastic face,

Sarcastic lace,

Pathetic race,

Does that explain your root?


We know your chest is pumping,


Catastrophic outfit reveals,


Fine girl looking sexy,

Never; never knew you look so Stupid?


How market?


Your bare blanket,

In his raw racket,

Have you; lost your sense of pride?


How could he have squeezed you in?


To enjoy ephemeral pleasure of Five minutes,


For when the ecstasy expires,


Shamelessly, thy tommy turns thy attires…


When your desire backfires,

Would you wish he refires?

SubhanaLlaah! you sold your Chastity, just in five minutes and five seconds?


Now that you’ve lost it,


Nine months must bear you witness,


Street dog! you couldn’t have be more useless!


You had better flush off your pathetic powder, swiftly!

Else, I’ll scream even Louder!




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