Beneath the veil


Dressed with the clothes of dignity,


A veil drawn over a gaze of impurity,


A giver of impunity


A messiah against friability,


Beneath the veil


Under the opaque garment,


Like a subterranean serpent,


Her religion she holds with fervent,


Beneath the veil,

very radiant,


Behold her pure soul,so defiant,


Her appearance, an actuality,


With emotion that denotes maturity,


Beneath the veil


Purely guided by Islam,

Constructive,productive and firm,

Her innate-self is a magnet,


But public-self deserted planet,


Beneath the veil


A diamond she has always been,

For her soul portrayed the pristine deen,


A feast for the beast


Why do you prefer life over the deen you were blessed with?


You refused to wear the garments you were dressed with,


And all the modest value you were honoured with,

O! A feast for the beasts


Remember when the world would crumble,


When people would grumble,

And your life would tumble,


Feast for the beasts

Remember when your body will not be more than a feast,


When you will be in the hands of beasts,
And you will be raise to reckon for your deeds,


So before that day,


O! Woman of “a feast for the beast”


Go in search for the casket you left beside your grave,


And wear that garment if you really are brave.





©Amori Lateefah (Dream) @


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