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Important issues of the Chapter
1) It is the way of the followers of Prophet Muhammad (May the peace and blessing of Allah be upon him) to call people to Islam.

2) Stress upon sincerity of intention, for many who supposedly call to the truth merely call to themselves.

3) Calling people to Allah with sure knowledge is obligatory.

4) Of the signs of the beauty of Tauhid is its being free of any blasphemy towards Allah.

5) The ugliness of Shirk is that it vilifies Allah.

6) Of the most important issues of the chapter is that a Muslim must and should remain aloof from polytheists in order to not become like them even if he does not himself commit Shirk.

7) Having Tauhid (and calling towards it) is the foremost obligation.

8) We must first begin with Tauhid before everything, even Salat.

9) The meaning of singling out Allah Alone in worship and being sincere in His Oneness is the meaning of the Shahadah “La ilaha illa-Allah “.

10) Among the people of the Scriptures are some who either have no knowledge of Tauhid, or if they do, they don’t follow it accordingly.

11) Stress on teaching step by step.

12) The most important issues must be explained first.

13) How to spend Zakat (obligatory charity).

14) The scholar (learned) must try to clear away misunderstandings of the learner.

15) The best properties of people must not be taken for Zakat (obligatory charity).

16) Beware of the supplication of the oppressed.

17) We are informed that there is no barrier to the supplication of the oppressed one (to be

18) The afflictions, hardship, hunger and epidemics suffered by the head of all the Prophets and the best of those close to Allah (May Allah be pleased with him) are nothing but exact
evidences of Tauhid.

19) The Prophet’s assertion: “I shall indeed give the flag …” is a sign from among the signs of

20) Applying spit to the eyes of Ali (May Allah be pleased with him) and the subsequent cure he received, is another sign of the Prophethood.

21) The superiority of Ali (May Allah be pleased with him)

22) The merits and virtues of the Companions (May Allah be pleased with him) that they kept speculating among themselves throughout the night (as to whom the flag might be handed over to) and their preoccupation with it over the news of lasting victory.

23) An illustration of the faith in Qadar -how the predetermined occurs to those who do not seek it and denial to those who wished it all along the night.

24) The manner of the Prophet’s advice to Ali (May Allah be pleased with him) “Go to the people with ease and gentleness.”

25) Calling to Islam before waging war.

26) Legitimacy of fighting with those who were previously called to Islam but rejected it.

27) Preaching Islam with wisdom as evidenced in his (May Allah be pleased with him) words: “Inform them of the obligations upon them”.

28) Recognizing the duty to Allah in Islam.

29) The reward of a person by whose hand a single man is guided.

30) To swear in support of a juristic verdict.


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