It’s been several years now and you are still counting. It’s been over a decade and the result remains the same. You have prayed like no one seems to have done before.

You have wailed, wept and your tears seems to know no bounds. You have consulted the doctors both locally and internationally, and your efforts seemingly looks fruitless.

For every weekend that comes digs a terrible hole in your heart as you are either receiving an invitation to one Aqeeqah or the news of a new arrival.

You simply wish to quit because you are like the forgotten slave whose master doesn’t care about. Don’t!

Remember your Lord does not forsake His slaves. Remember the story of prophet Ibrahim (alayhi salaam) and his wife?

Remember the best example for believing women, Aa’isha bint AbuBakr as-Sideeq, (radiyyahLlaahu anha) never had a child?

Perhaps its high time you looked around you and see people who seemingly lost hope just as you are about to do but today they are the loving parent of wonderful set of children.

The Rahmah of Allaah can never be delayed or prevented when the time comes. Be steadfast in your Lord and intensify in doing good and increasing in your Ibaadah.

Seek for forgiveness because what comes after Allaah’s forgiveness is a Rahmah beyond imaginations. Don’t ever and ever loose hope!

You will bear the fruit of the womb and deliver it successfully, inshaaAllaah. You will be counted amongst those who have contributed positively to the Ummah of RasulluLlaah, sallallaahu alaihe wasallam, on the day of retribution.

Wipe your tears, dearest brother, wipe your face, dearest sister. Don’t whine, because Allaah hasn’t forgotten you, yes, YOU!

We ask Allaah to help ease the affairs of our homes, Aameen.

Credit: Hassan

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