The following explanation of the Prophet’s wudoo (SalaLlaahu ‘alayhi wassalam) was explained by Shaykh Ibraheem AbdurRauf Abu Naasir (May Allaah preserve him upon khayr) in his audio explanation of how to perform wudoo from his explanation of “Ad Durarul Bahiyyah” of Imam Muhammad bin Ali Ash-Shawkani (May Allaah have Mercy on him).

Kindly note that there are little addendum in this write up for some clarity. 

How to Perform Wudoo

First action in performing ablution is to make niyaa (intention). This is made by bearing in mind what action you want to perform and for what purpose. Intentions in this regard are not made by saying it out rather, it is borne in the mind.

1). Next is to say “BismiLlaah” or “BismiLlaahi-rR

ahmani-r Raheem” or mention Allaah’s name (this is Obligatory).

2). Next is to wash the two palms while using the left fingers to wash in-between the right fingers and doing the same for the left palm. All these should be done thrice.

3). Next is to rinse the mouth and nostrils. These two actions should be done simultaneously, with just one handful of water. How? With a handful of water, you take some from the water to rinse your mouth and gaggle it, then you sniff the remaining water with your nose, you blow it out, then you throw or spit out the water in your mouth. 

It is pertinent to take note and be conscious of these particular steps:

i). Rinsing the mouth and gaggle the water

ii). Sniffing the water and blowing it out

iii). Then spitting out the water in your mouth.

All these should be done thrice.

4). Next is to wash the face from where the hair sprouts to the lower part of the jaw (in length) and from one earlobe to the other earlobe (in width). This is done thrice using either the two hands to wash the face or one hand (both of them are correct).

5). Next is to wash the hand from the palm straight to the upper part of the arm. That is, you should extend the washing above the elbow to the part of the arm where we have chunk of flesh (popularly called muscle). We do this thrice for both the right and left hand. Kindly note that the palms and fingers are also part of the hand so it should be rewashed in this respect.

6). Next is to wipe the head with the two ears. How? As against washing, the head and ears are wiped not washed. We take water in our palms or wet our palms, interlock the fingers of the right hand to the left, then we run the interlocked fingers across our head either from the front to the back (nape – where hair stops) and return it to the front. Or we start wiping from the nape to the frontal hair and return the wiping to the nape. 

Wiping of the head must run across the whole head, not just some part or middle part of the head or hair as done by some women and brothers as well. Then we wipe our ears with this same wet hand without collecting another water, how? The ear is wiped by placing the right forefinger or index finger into the right ear and left forefinger into the left ear, then we place the thumbs behind the respective ears and wipe both the inner part and the outer part of the ears which is the back of the ears. 

We must ensure the Index finger wipe through the contours of the inner part. This wiping of the ears is done once. The index finger is the finger we raised in tashahud during Salah.

7). Next is to wash our feet by using the smallest finger of our left hand to wash in-between our toes( this is obligatory) . We pour water with our right hand and wash with our left hand up above the ankle. Washing above the ankle is a way of ensuring water reaches the ankle, same goes for the elbows and the Messenger (salaLlaahu ‘alayhi wassalam) encourages us to do so. This is done for the right and left leg.

Then we say the shahadah (ash-hadu an la ilaaha illaLlaahu wahdahu la shareeka lahu wa ash-hadu anna Muhammadan’ abduhu wa Rasooluhu) and du’a (Allaahummaj’alni minattawwa-beena waj’alni minal mutataahhireen) , then we end it by saying subhanka Allaahumma wa bi hamdika , ash-hadu an la ilaaha illa Ant, astaghfiruka wa atoobu ilaik .



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