Sanni Kay. Yusuf

Hugging, especially someone who had been seen for a long time, is a sign of deeper love. It is highly encouraged, even religiously speaking. But apparently, not with the opposite gender.

Giving its peculiarity, hugging is supposed to be a male-to-male, female-to-female, husband-to-wife, brother-to-sister, elderly-to-minor phenomenon. Religion apart, that is common sense. That is reasonability. That is rationality.

A grown-up lady with the various qualities of puberty, maturity in her physique hitting her chest against that of a gender counterpart in whose body chemistry too, are characteristics of a grown-up man, all in the name of hugging, defies logic.

Hugging is hardly done without having a feel of some highly sensitive areas of the huggers’ bodies. Isn’t it abnormal for a man to feel the state of a woman’s sensitive organ at the top – an organ that is supposed to be exclusive of her husband? Isn’t it bad enough that the most sensitive parts of the huggers’ bodies, even though there is a cloth-barricade, are having a free contact with each other?

It is more perturbing that, in the name of hugging, some people peck or even kiss each other. They say it is civilisation. What then is exclusively reserved for the partner? Nothing!

This is what we see in movies – local and international. They keep portraying hugging between genders as the only way to go in welcoming visitors and to show that a friend is loved. Unfortunately, the young ones, teenagers for that matter, have followed suit. It baffles the more that clerics equally wallow in this disorder. This is no civilisation, nor is it a part of sociability. It is just a borrowed abnormal style of the west that we embraced acquiescently, dogmatically. It wasn’t Nigerian, neither was it African.

If you must hug, do so with your wife/husband and a fellow gender, not with another man/woman’s wife/husband.


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