Some weeks ago, a Christian gospel singer, Tope Alabi, was seen in a video dancing in a way that generated lots of comments on the Social Media. In the midst of several reactions, a Christian’s comment portrays Christianity as a religion of unseriousness.

The Christian, Olabode Kehinde wrote on his Facebook page,

“Watched Tope Alabi dance video clip and TVC interviewed. Omo… Anty fit dance shaku shaku & gbese o😀. But the castigation from people self tired me, especially the Christians. Look here, I as a music student and a singer. I know “DANCE” to be “The movement of the body in a rhythmic steps. As the definition implied, it is also needful to know that, there are also dance steps that doesn’t show morals nor glorified God which by logic we all know, like twerking, Waltzing, daggering etc.. Even the recent Soapy music&dance by Naira merley even worse past.

So to me I didn’t considered Shaku Shaku dance steps by Olamide or Gbese by Qdot as immoral dance. When I listened to music or watched those Hip-pop videos, I do guide my eyes and selective. For example, the likes of “Bring it on” by P-square ft Dave Scott are my favourites etc.


That Evangelist Tope Alabi dance those dance steps doesn’t diminished or augmented her spirituality life. That Olamide and Qdot dance and initiate shaku shaku, Gbese does not mean they have His dear Son kingdom’s tickets or they will not if they believes in his Name.
we have different views. You can also castigate me for this, but I tell you the truth. As her cover (husband) said, she dance to gospel music. That’s what God will attend to not your own opinion (s). Ijo ti mi bajo fun orisha Makuku Jo f’olorun as we use to sing am those days when I’m small. The song self is even old fashion now.

NB: I am not endorsing those dance for Christians neither did I condemned it. I’m just saying those dances (shaku shaku & Gbese) are pure dance steps for entertainer or entertainment. If it is a sin Or improper to you as she dance am, its up to you.”{sic}


Understanding Olabode’s comment, Christianity does not have a defined mode of praise and worship, thus, no one can judge which is correct or not.


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