It is no news that Christianity cannot survive without lies, propaganda and fabrications. We keep hearing tales of people seeing Jesus but none of them can tell us how Jesus exactly looks like.

Propaganda is like orgasm to Christians especially when it is against Islam. They share and terrorize people with it. You hear ;

“A Muslim Imam in a ‘Parish” became a Christian”

“Jesus appeared to me in my dream and told me…”


Recently, there is a video being circulated on social media. One Ibrahim Abdullah who claimed to have seen Jesus in his dream after asking for a copy of the Bible.

According to him, his family brought leaves to wash him when he became a Christian making one wonder if his family members are herbalists or Muslims.

Like others, he cannot tell how exactly Jesus looks like. Black or white? He also forgot to ask Jesus who wrote the book of Job, Hebrew, 1st and 2nd kings, etc..

Alhamdulillah, we have refuted this story and we will keep refuting them to send a message that ;

We are in the age of reason, hence, all propaganda, mischievous Journalism to defame Islam will be refuted. Islam is a religion that respects differences and teaches religious tolerance.

Affiliating violence, terrorism with Islam using the deeds of an ignorant person as a standard is petty and unintelligent.

Islam is the only way to salvation and anyone who does dies without being a Muslim shall be a loser in the hereafter.

Before you decide to lie against Islam, remember rebuttals like this will come your way.

Jesus was a Muslim. He believed in one God and bowed down to worship Him.

Jesus never taught Christianity, never went to church, never used a Bible, never collected tithe so he will never direct anyone to go to church.

Bashir Lucas Samson Lukman


Our dear brother, Eneye Ahmad Jamiu Emma made a video to counter the lies of Ibrahim Abdullah and other Christians.

Watch :

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ACADIP : Uncovering their cover-ups…

… Telling the Muslim story (



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