The burn out: 😢

Too many of us, when we came upon the Sunnah, immediately, we wanted to become Ibn Taymiyyah. we wanted to be ibn Hambal. We started sharing refutations and all. We gave refutations more attention than we gave our own soul, as if Salafiyyah is only about refutations. We were more occupied in rectifying others, and paid less attention to ourselves. We were quick, swift in debate with those who erred. In correcting them though, we erred in many of our approaches and manners.


Some of us simply came upon Salafiyyah jumping on the bandwagon. To them, it seemed cool and all that. Many didn’t do so upon conviction. It appeared to them that Salafiyyah is the truth, and Na’m, it is, but they didn’t pursue knowledge. And without knowledge you cannot attain conviction. And you will not know the trueness of conviction until you are tested with the duniya (and all that comes with it).


And some, they never accepted the truth, they never bothered to know more. They were happy with their mediocre Islam.


Some gave in to family pressures: they sold parts of their Deen for the pleasure of mortals. I wonder how they will explain that to Allaah.


Some simply think they can combine MTV, Trace and Halqah; Joke. How can you let go of the past when you keep running back to it?
So it goes like this:

Those who wanted to become ibn taymiyyah overnight, lost patience when they realised they could not give what Ibn taymiyyah gave: his entire life to the service of Allaah. So they burned out and turned to old ways. They want to become scholars in three years. Wake up. Some woke up on time and faced what is most important: saving themselves and their families with knowledge.


But some still revel in this dream. They study for few minutes and assume the status of Taalibul ilm. Máa shaa Allaah, they remain steadfast but blessed is the one who knows his level, but most of us don’t. It takes way more than halqah and few explanation of treatises to be a Taalib; way more!

Those who came in with the bandwagon soon turned back. They are those who flow with the noise, once the noise is out, they retreat.


And there are those whom Allaah has favored a great deal, and they are:

Those who know their capabilities and what is upon them. They are those who strive to better themselves and their heart.


They are those, who always strive to know what is right or wrong in all their affairs. Some of them are not students of knowledge and they never claim to be, nor do they pass off as one, but they always want to know what Allaah says, and what RasooluLlaah said. They strive to save themselves from Hell. They possess good characters and are the most loyal to their friends.


Some faced knowledge and by Allaah’s mercy they haven’t derailed.


May Allaah bless the one who knows his level.

Fortunate is the one who knows what is most important for him.


We all can’t be students. We all can’t be executives, traders etc. But we can all try to be better Muslims upon the Sunnah.

Whatever it is you do, just hold on to your Deen as thought by RasooluLlaah and understood by his companions.

Unfortunate is he who knows the truth but makes up excuses for not following it.

Blessed is he who knows the the truth and knows his level, so he tries to be better with patience.


Faysal Nasir Bolaji


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