KAAFIR!!! KAAFIR!!! KAAFIR!!! (Salafists without Salafs)

One who does not know about Islam  would think that Da’wah is about  declaring people to be  non-Muslims. The way some people go about Da’wah today, one would think that they earn rewards based on the number of people they declare as Kaafir.

Da’wah which should be calling to the path of Allah with good words and wisdom is not same to some, as they go about their “Da’wah” with insults, enmity, ousting and hatred.

Once I wrote an article in parts against those who criticize those who engage in comparative religion. Check out these links;



The likes of the Ilorin ex-convcit who ignorantly lay claim to Salafiyyah do not have Salafs. In fact, they have rubbished many of the Salafs. The links above address the Hadeeth about ‘Umar (RA). When we ask those drunken with the opium of tekfiriyyah evidences against comparative religion, they provide none and when we give them evidences, they rubbish the scholars.

A sister informed me about Ustadh Amubieya’s statement at ACADIP Lecture, Ibadan yesterday and how some Salafists without Islam are wailing over it. I will highlight some questions asked by one YUSUF JIMOH and answer them;

He asked ; Are they ( ACADIP) calling to Tawheed?

Answer : It is always better to say that which is good and beneficial or keep silent. One should ask what this Yusuf Jimoh is doing to call people to Tawheed. Being a revert and a part of ACADIP NIGERIA, for the past two months, we have been publishing pages from Kitab At-Tawheed by Sheikh Muhammad Ibn Abdulwahab (check here https://knowislam.com.ng/category/book-reading/)

Therefore, the answer is yes and since I reverted to Islam, Mallam Yusuf Adepoju never at any point invited me to shirk, so? And if we agree to disagree that we do not call to Tawheed nor to Shirk, why not just start to do It yourself or where does it say that any Muslim who does not make it a priority to call people to Tawheed is a Kaafir?

He asked, “Are they waging war against the innovators?”

Answer : Yes except your definition of waging war against innovators is different. If your definition is to tekfir everyone, then NO and again, if you think anyone needs to do something relating to the Deen, kindly get it started so others follow instead of tekfirying those who do it not.

He asked : “Is it not one of Acadip friend named Jamiu “Adeguwa” deny the return of Issa. Is that not clear and open Kufr”


Answer : This one weak me. The same way people like Yusuf Jimoh and his likes are insults to Salafiyyah is the same way some people are to comparative religion. Kindly note that anyone can decide to be a comparator irrespective of his knowledge about the Deen (their own business). The fact that we have a Shia that recites the Qur’an properly does not make him have the same understanding of the Deen with a Sunni that also recites the Qur’an properly.

Several times, I have written against this. Not believing in the second coming of ‘Eesa (As) is not about comparative religion but a lack of understanding deeply rooted in Ahmadiyya. A Sunni cannot be responsible for what an Ahmadist does even if he recites the Qur’an well or they are into comparative religion together.

‘ Eesa (As) is a sign of the Hour and He is coming back, call Mallam Yusuf Adepoju, he says this many times during lectures affirming the coming back of ‘Eesa Ibn Maryam.

Salafiyyah is not a part of people like these and they no Salaf but their own myopic thoughts hence a need to reclaim Salafiyyah from them.
You do not get reward by the number of people you declare to be outside Islam, Allah’s aid is sought.

Bashir Lucas Samson Lukman


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