In Islam, Shirk is the most grievous sin in  the sight of Allah. This is not new but it is unfortunate that our society is such where Shirk is rampant and common despite the gravity of the consequences.


One would imagine that an average Muslim should understand what Shrik is all about but the reality is, “if some Imams are consciously or unconsciously engulfed in it, how about an average Muslim that has little or no knowledge about the Deen.



As-shirk simply means associating partners with Allah hence being the opposite of At-tawheed (التوحيد) which is absolute reliance on Allah alone (for the sake of clarity)


Types of Shirk :


As-shirk is classified into two;


1. As-shirk Akbar (الشرك الأكبر)

2. As-shirk Asghar ( الشرك الأصغر)



As-shirk Akbar ( الشرك الأكبر)  : In this article, we are not educating our big Sheikhs but those who know not, therefore, As-shirk  Akbar simply means Great Shirk.


This type of Shirk takes one out of the fold of Islam. The below are examples of As-shirk  Akbar :


* ‘Ibaadatul Awthan (عبادة لا وثان) : This simply means worshiping Idols ( Idolatry). This form of Shirk is terribly terrible. Worshiping anyone/anything other than Allah is a grievous sin that takes one out  of the fold of Islam.



* Tawaaful Qubuur ( طواف القبور) : This form of Shrik involves circumambulating graves. This form of Shrik demands that one who engages in it must be redundant given how preposterous it is to look up to a dead person for help.


The dead when alive that could not help, how much more when the dead cannot talk or help themselves!!!

This also takes one out of Islam as the only place one is permitted to circumambulate (as worship) is the Ka’bbah.



* At-tawakkulu ‘alaa Ghayri Allah ( التوكل على غير الله) : This means relying on anyone/anything other than Allah. A true Muslim should absolutely rely on Allah. Indeed, Sufficient is Allah for the believers.


This Shrik takes one out of the fold of Islam.





2. As-shrik Asghar ( الشرك الا صغر) : This the the second type of Shrik. These are lesser Shrik that do not take one out of Islam.


Examples :

* Alhalfu bighayri Allah ( الحلف بغير الله) : This means swearing with anyone/anything other than Allah. Whatever we swear with other than Allah cannot help themselves not to talk of harming or benefiting man.


Swearing with a dead person, land, keys to represent idols ( as common in South-West Nigeria). It is not permissible to swear by the sun, moon, Ka’bbah not even the Qur’an or Prophet Muhammad ( صلى الله عليه وسلم).


WaLlahi (والله), BiLlahi (بالله) or other ways that directs to Allah are permissible or one does not swear at all.



* Arriyyah’ (الرياء) : This is showoff. This is indeed a great Fitnah for the rich and those who have knowledge as it is easier for them to fall into this error hence a need to constantly check one’s intentions.


As-shrik Asghar do not take people out of Islam. Now, if Shirk is classified into what takes one out of Islam and what does not, this is a slap in the face of the Tekfiriyyun that claim all Bid’iah is Kufr. If Shirk which is worse than Bid’iah has classifications, how much more Bid’iah.






Ya Akhee wa Ukhtee, shun Shirk and Bid’iah for Allah is sufficient for you. May we not go astray. Ameen.


The words and translations used in this paper were made simple for the sake of the readers. Anyone intending to know more on Shirk should contact a Sheikh on the Qur’an and Sunnah.

All errors here are mine. May Allah forgive my shortcomings. Ameen.



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Those who have more knowledge on Tawheed should publish more articles on the topic as it is more beneficial than labelling and bullying people with knowledge.



حق الإله عبادة بالأمر لا# بهوى النفوس وذاك للشيطان


( Worship Allah, for that is His right. Nay! They follow desires and these desires are of Shaytan)


Ya Allah! Take us not till you’re pleased with us. Ameen



Bashir Lucas Samson Lukman


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